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SATYR – by Daisy Boon
Couple’s Retreat – An X Chromosome Story
Strange Change – Daisy Boon – Crossgender Story
MANEATER by Daisy Boon
Inside My Sister’s HEAD – Daisy Boon
Setting a Good Example…. Daisy Boon
Venus in Nylon
Like Father, Like Son – Daisy Boon
Captain Caroline – Tiggy Mills
Turning Tricks by Tiggy Mills
Going Undercover – Dirty Sex, Dirty Money…
ICE QUEEN – Tiggy Mills
Eastern Exchange – Tiggy Mills – Transgender story
Taken for a Ride – Tiggy Mills
Ring of Desire: Tantalus-Press is Proud to Present…
SELFIE: Indulgence & Obsession
A Mother’s Sacrifice – (To Save Her Daughter)
Rebel!  – Emlia Blythe
The Games People Play
Sordid Soap – Best Kindle Erotica
My Sexual Peak – Emilia Blythe
The LADY is a TRAMP – Emilia Blythe
Compartmentalised Existence –