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A Yesr to prove Myself – Daisy Boon
How to Give (& Get a) Head! – Daisy Boon
Like Father, Like Son – Daisy Boon
SATYR – by Daisy Boon
Being Beautiful – Daisy Boon – The Most Dangerous Sexual Journey of All
It’s Complicated – Daisy Boon
A Little Problem – Daisy Boon
Teenage NEMESIS – Daisy Boon – A story of Sexual Obsession & Domination
Playthings of the BOSS – A Twisted Lust Story – Tiggy Mills
The Princess and the PORNSTAR – interracial humiliation story
King of the Cuckolds – Tiggy Mills Explicit cuckold story
Reparation – Tiggy Mills – Interracial erotica
Army Games – Tiggy Mills
Captain Caroline – Tiggy Mills
The Nigerian – Kindle erotica from Tiggy Mills
A Natural Talent  – Tiggy Mills
Compartmentalised Existence –
M.I.L.F  – MIlf Interracial story
My Japanese Letcher Tour
The Desire of The Woman…
My Sexual Peak – Emilia Blythe
Be Careful What You Wish For – Emilia Blythe
SELFIE: Indulgence & Obsession
SLUT by Emilia Blythe