The S Plan Diet

Advancing years and putting on weight goes together like apple pie and ice cream, chocolate cake and coffee, tea and biscuits, streak and chips or any combination of tasty treats that pile on the pounds far too easily. It is difficult reality to deal with for both genders but for women of a certain maturity […]

The Feminiser – #metoo

For those of you that have not noticed recently the world is not as it once was. Our social fabric that had been built for millennia – apparently on just men and women – has altered completely, until the rise of males with more than just a passing penchant for femininity has almost become the […]

Million$Massage by Tiggy Mills

Lenny and Violet get married far too young and in fact ignore the many prescient warnings proffered, because out of real concern everyone tells them so. However Violet especially does not wish to listen because her husband to be is very much the heartthrob and handsome star at the local college they go to and […]

AMAZON – Beauty has a Price

The legend of The Amazons – a mystically strikingly beautiful and athletic family of women – has been with us for ever but is surely just another tall-tale or erotic fantasy for all sides of the sexual coin; as the evocative image or innate fascination of strong sublime females surely appeals to both genders in […]

The Servant- But who is serving who…?

The year is 1912 a few months after the tragic Titanic disaster, truly a fateful time when the world is dangerously perched on the edge of a vast war along with the resultant earth-shattering changes that will follow. However, nothing as yet has occurred, and the new young Lord Shackleton’s main concern is simply to […]

Me and Mrs Jones

Sometimes an adolescent experience or crush can haunt you emotionally even if you don’t quite realise it has. This seems certainly to be the case with regard to young Jimmy who in his youth spends an unforgettable tortuous six months doing menial work under the perverse, dominant often sadistic thumb of the fearsome but forever […]

Dumb Blonde – Ultimate Humiliation

Perhaps it’s simply a fault of youth that we like to see ourselves as grander and more impressive than we truly are, while in fairness some bravado or even a little ego is not normally considered such a bad trait. However golden-man Leon insufferably thinks of himself as utterly superior, something of a playboy with […]

Turning Tricks by Tiggy Mills

An existence of actual sexual depravity is normally only lived out within a surreal erotic fantasy or the most unlikely pages detailing tall, salacious stories and never crosses over into the real everyday universe. I mean young Mark or his tall, elegant but equally naïve wife, Lynette, never initially harboured any conscious thoughts about the […]

Father of the Groom

The sensation of overwhelming guilt due to inherent sexual urges undeniably exists in us all and things have been this way seemingly forever. It does not apply simply to one particular fetish and proclivity but covers a huge spectrum of compulsions or desires and is often seen as the root cause of myriad problems or […]

Undercover Boss

Often vast, inherited wealth can become a seductive or divisive burden thus making the person that is surrounded by such influence or affluence sadly separated from the ordinary, everyday universe in which we all have to make a living and exist. So it is for still attractive, mature but frustrated and forever naive Rachel who […]