Poor Baby, Where does it hurt?

The teenage years can be forever challenging for both boys and girls especially when it comes to intimate relationships and developing sexual matters. Dreams of fidelity or purity surely abound from both genders which sadly often turn to dust when the reality of a first kiss or unintended touch goes wrong and an initial supposedly […]

It’s All Gone Totally PC

Sometimes the entire universe changes and you don’t realise or recognise that it has; because suddenly in the modern political environment a misspoken word or unguarded action catches you unaware and proves to be utterly disastrous. So it turns out for Eddie, a mild mannered football coach who feels he is a fair-minded or tolerant […]

The Many Decadent Layers of Billionaire David Vey

It is well known wealth or money alone cannot buy happiness though many people naively think that it is the answer to every problem. However some men seem to have it all, especially handsome Billionaire David Vey who makes his fortune young and now lives a privileged affluent lifestyle based in his brash glassy Vey […]

The S Plan Diet

Advancing years and putting on weight goes together like apple pie and ice cream, chocolate cake and coffee, tea and biscuits, streak and chips or any combination of tasty treats that pile on the pounds far too easily. It is difficult reality to deal with for both genders but for women of a certain maturity […]

The Feminiser – #metoo

For those of you that have not noticed recently the world is not as it once was. Our social fabric that had been built for millennia – apparently on just men and women – has altered completely, until the rise of males with more than just a passing penchant for femininity has almost become the […]

Dumb Blonde – Ultimate Humiliation

Perhaps it’s simply a fault of youth that we like to see ourselves as grander and more impressive than we truly are, while in fairness some bravado or even a little ego is not normally considered such a bad trait. However golden-man Leon insufferably thinks of himself as utterly superior, something of a playboy with […]

Father of the Groom

The sensation of overwhelming guilt due to inherent sexual urges undeniably exists in us all and things have been this way seemingly forever. It does not apply simply to one particular fetish and proclivity but covers a huge spectrum of compulsions or desires and is often seen as the root cause of myriad problems or […]

Undercover Boss

Often vast, inherited wealth can become a seductive or divisive burden thus making the person that is surrounded by such influence or affluence sadly separated from the ordinary, everyday universe in which we all have to make a living and exist. So it is for still attractive, mature but frustrated and forever naive Rachel who […]

The Firm: …not a company…but a calling

Everyone has the inherent capacity to be weak or strong. From childhood through to adolescence then full maturity, the surging internal mixture of emotions or reactions to myriad matters or intimate partners is ever present and rears its various heads in often difficult or differing ways. Many assume that adults in either gender have one […]

Magical Molly: Sensual, Sexual & Supernatural

The ancient magical world is broken and fading almost beyond the point of salvation; its members being corrupted by generation after generation mingling with the mortal universe over many centuries until only the merest traces of the once revered mystical families and their mythical powers remain. But even in its death throes subversive, criminal minds […]