Stripping the Milf – A humiliation story by Helen Jones

This is another great humiliation story from the mind of Helen Jones, who wrote the excellent and bestselling ‘Humiliation of a Milf’.

Unmarried, 44 year old Elizabeth Thatcher spends her evenings living out her sexual fantasies in a variety of anonymous web-cam encounters. But when she finally meets one of her chat-room viewers, it is apparent she has a need to replace the virtual with the real, and she is sucked into a very different world; a harsh world, a dangerous world. A world where no desperate need goes unexploited.

Nick and his street-urchin girlfriend Kinky are ambitious and ruthless predators. Their aim is to exploit Elizabeth’s desperate needs for their own ends. Their intention is to ‘Strip the Bitch’ – strip her financially, sexually, of all her pride and self-esteem.

Is this Elizabeth’s most feared nightmare? Or the most secret of her secret fantasies? A classic humiliation story about a milf degraded.

Word Count 8,647. Explicit Content


This is the one he had been waiting for. The life changer; the one he had dreamed about for a long time.

Who loves more fervently than the middle-aged and lonely? Who will do anything to make their dreams come true? Or to keep their most private secrets?

He suppresses a smile as he watches her dressing. It is a sight he enjoys. One that makes him feels good; in control. His eyes wander across her body. For forty-four she’s still in good shape. She’s obviously tried to look after herself. Okay she’s carrying an extra pound here and there, but no more than that. She is still attractive, still worth a fuck; but she doesn’t know it or can’t believe it. He loves insecurity in a woman. Eats them up nicely.

But to him right now, she is very much more than just a fuck. When he looks at her he sees beyond her full creamy big nippled tits and well-rounded arse to a new life; a life without worry or concerns; a life where he can indulge himself in his very darkest desires without fear or consequence.

The good life at last for him and Kinky.

He lies there still naked, basking in the warm glow that only gratitude can bestow. She is older than his mother, exactly twice his own age. She can’t believe her luck. He likes the power that gives him. The power to make sure she knows her place, knows she has to please, deny him nothing.

He knows he has her. She is dependent on him already; addicted. He knows he can do anything he wants. Anything. And he will. It won’t be long now. She won’t say no, she is too frightened of losing him; too insecure to resist.

Soon she will wish she had never met him. He can’t wait for that moment; the moment when realisation dawns. The sweetest part will be that by then it will be too late: well past the time when she might do anything about it. All she can do then is accept. And then they will pick her bare; leaving nothing but the bones.

His intention is to gut her like a fish. Leave her with nothing. But it’s not just about the money for him. He wants to take it all, her dignity, her pride, what little self-esteem she has. The thought of emotionally disemboweling her is starting to make his cock hard again.

She needs him, and no desperate need should go unexploited. He intends to strip the bitch bare…


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