Turning Tricks by Tiggy Mills

An existence of actual sexual depravity is normally only lived out within a surreal erotic fantasy or the most unlikely pages detailing tall, salacious stories and never crosses over into the real everyday universe.

I mean young Mark or his tall, elegant but equally naïve wife, Lynette, never initially harboured any conscious thoughts about the sometime perverse nature of sexuality and especially any base prospects of the wife – within this ordinary everyday couple – going on the game by agreeing to temporarily but illicitly sell her body and soul.

But marriages are forever complicated, problems always appear – be it of a physical or financial nature – and sometimes formerly hidden, unmentionable subversive ideas or events happen apparently by chance or possibly fate that seems to drag everyone along with them, as if such unspeakable and debased things are written in the most decadent and darkest stars.

Tiggy Mills brings us another disturbing sexual extravaganza that graphically lays out the sordid, sullied adventures of mixed-up Mark along with lovely but also confused and repressed Lynette who – by merely trying to improve their relationship in all good faith – then both discover far more than they had ever bargained for.

For as we assume then sordidly and disturbingly find out, some lines of decency or propriety should never be crossed.

If you like your woman beautiful, dignified but secretly dirty and the man she is bound to hopelessly cuckolded, humiliated and voyeuristically helpless – as his wife gets what he can never maritally offer – then this is without a doubt the book for you.

It is subtly, emotionally told from two distinct but perverse perspectives and is so steamy white hot it just may scald your busy fingertips!

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