A – Fair exchange – TG erotica

The world is assumed to have moved on; become more enlightened and politically correct, but for men with a feeling or propensity for the feminine, it can still be a dark, dangerous and secretive place. Greg is happily married to Nell, or so it seems, but theirs is a young relationship in transition and they are learning or discovering new things as a couple every day, especially sexually. A job exchange at work, where they both have to enter the workplace dressed appropriately for each other’s duties, seems an innocuous adventure or token joke for the day. However this event has far reaching effects and implications that are way beyond their experience or expectations. Not just for them because bizarrely the boundaries for what is acceptable for a transgender male in the workplace are suddenly placed in the bright, uncomfortable heat or spotlight of publicity and tested to their modern, acceptable, social limits.
An intriguing, teasing, thought-provoking tale from the bestselling Daisy Boon that takes a tantalising, libidinous, sensuous look at gender roles, both in the workplace and at home where disconcertingly the man involved is privately, then publically, seen to be more comfortable in lingerie or panties rather than pants!


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