A Transient Transition

All men without exception are fascinated by female things, in one way or another, even if
they sometimes don’t recognize or realise that they are. And if any male had the magical opportunity just to spend a few minutes actually inside the mind or sublime body of a slender subtle female form – just to see what the sensory experience would be in a girl’s fair milky skin – then in all surreal truth few could refuse or resist the unique opportunity.

When Russel becomes intrigued or nefariously drawn to the luscious lingerie of his wife’s friend – who is staying with them – he never anticipates what might happen as a result of his juvenile illicit cravings; as who could believe that this young woman has the gift to allow another soul to enter her delicious form for a transient time?

But from the first moment he is unexpectedly transported into Connie’s precious skin and delicate bones, Russel is forever drawn or even possessed to return to this delectable feminine place whatever the difficulties or eventual fateful cost turns out to be.

Another journey into sensory heaven or hell from the sorely wicked mind and devilish imagination of revered best-selling Daisy Boon who describes in her unique style – of delicious dirty detail – how it feels to be a man utterly seduced or overwhelmed by merely sampling what life could be like in a reactive young female form. Few sensate males could try just an initial tempting scent or taste of girlish teenage musk and femininity but for someone like Russel – who already has the inherent inclinations – then once
the first baby-step has been taken along the giddy path, then it only takes a few unexpected decadent twists or turns along the way to find there is no way back.
As if he ever truly wanted one in the first place!

The X- chromosome sequence of stories – the subtle difference between the genders is merely a single X chromosome – continues in devastating, divisive, sexy and deliciously decadent style.

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