Mythical Magical: Adult Morality Tales

The X Chromosome Adult Morality Tales by Daisy Boon…Fairy, Myth or Magical stories were never meant to be quite like this!

Sometimes the ordinary can become extraordinary, and the thinnest path between reality and fantasy can be so faint as to be almost transparent.
In these fantastical fables or morality tales – many of which are familiar in a twisted sort of way – the heroes or heroines are forced to tread this, delicate line. Not only do their usual worlds become strange or mystical, even their very gender and inner-self can become perched on the tipping edge of the possible.
The difference between a girl and boy is amazing; merely a single X chromosome is all it takes to change any human being completely and sometimes forever. A simple extraction or addition to or from their DNA can cause undreamed of changes. Improbably the sexes are far more intertwined than we think.
Daisy Boon is a well established, groundbreaking, number 1 best selling author within the erotic genre but is now releasing this salacious collection of X chromosome tales for a wider audience. These are stories that deal with the tortuous and the seductive; those often unexpectedly humorous trials or humiliations of a male mind suddenly, remarkably transported and trapped within a female body.

This is Daisy Boon as her imaginative best, as she delivers seven tales filled with a certain intrigue, questionable morality, spice and sensuality. These are tales which activate the brain to tease and amaze to place the reader of the very hormonal edge of their seat.

Once in a while routine, regular life is not quite as it appears to be…

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