AMAZON – Beauty has a Price

The legend of The Amazons – a mystically strikingly beautiful and athletic family of women – has been with us for ever but is surely just another tall-tale or erotic fantasy for all sides of the sexual coin; as the evocative image or innate fascination of strong sublime females surely appeals to both genders in myriad but often unspoken ways.

No one knows the true origin or source of the fable or story and to cool, calculating Tony Brian, now making his way in the world, women, even the most seductive or divine, are simply for his personal entertainment, pleasure or conquest and he has no time or imagination at all for such fanciful nonsense.

However when the exotic enigmatic Clate appears before him by mere chance things change quickly and dramatically because he soon becomes entangled then utterly seduced along a decadent, truly humiliating and most femininely dominant path which – in the shortest period of time – makes him question his own sanity and sexuality.

Tony of course well understands that gorgeous women have the eternal ability to tease or attract but elevated Clate and her equally perfect, lofty female friends possess other subtle or possibly unearthly powers that sorely inspire then improbably heighten his libidinous senses and beguile or cajole him until eventually their demanding sometimes brutal actions makes him consider his formerly very masculine spirit and soul.

A watershed moment is soon reached when he must decide whether to retreat to the relative safety of his former vacuous old life or enter fully into the fabulous but depraved and debauched female universe on offer with no obvious way back.

Only then may he find the mercurial reason for the many strange practices or personally ignominious rituals going on and what being so involved or intimate with this fabulous, beauteous group of women and the surreal life they lead, could actually mean for him?

An amazing journey ensues until inevitably, after a tortuous life-changing adventure he finally discovers to his cost and the harrowing sacrifice of his previous proud manhood, the terrible secrets of the Amazon female-only tribe that has been hidden perhaps in plain view for millennia.

That is until now because best selling Daisy Boon exposes and reveals all of the myth or mystery in her unique often humorous, graphic and erotic style for your illicit gratification and entertainment.

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