An Inexorable SLIDE to the Bottom

There are many notable sayings that apply to any relationship regarding good looks against good nature, but perhaps the most relevant to this sordid little tale is the one that goes, “not every beautiful woman is blessed with the purest character.”
It is doubtful that Joey – the uncertain hero of the story – would have ever taken much heed of such debatable wisdom because he thinks young blonde Leona is the pure perfect girl of his childhood dreams although she always seemed entirely out of his grasp.

However, mere chance brings them tantalisingly together when the relative boy hangs on to what he thinks will make him happy as best he can until – by further fickle fate or perhaps debased destiny – he starts to realise that his questionable hold on this divine young woman is in fact driving or dragging him in one salacious direction only… unethically, immorally, and depravedly down to the very bottom!

Or could it just be plausible and possible that’s the illicit journey naïve, trusting Joey desired to go long before he even realised that was where he wanted to end up?

A graphic perverse saga soon unfolds from the delectably tantalising and highly acclaimed fingertips of Tiggy Mills who spins – in her own inimitable teasing graphic style – an exotic, erotic and permissive story of an inexperienced young man and his not so innocent or honest fiancé who share an unanticipated but inevitable sexual adventure together that will surely break them apart or possibly become the illicit sullied dissolute glue that unexpectedly binds them together to repeat the depravity…possibly forever!

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