The Taming of Tilly

There is an old wives’ tale or perhaps nowadays it is merely a fable that a husband should be master of his wife. This is along with the distinctly curious idea that the woman should be a trembling nervous virgin on the wedding night at which time the supposedly omnipotent man in the relationship shows […]

TransG – a very progressive band

Not every couple gets married for love. All undoubtedly seek passion at first but often boys and girls ultimately settle for companionship or a comfortable association simply because they have common goals or interests with their partners and in the modern liberal universe often find true love in varied or differing ways. Without doubt relationships […]

Losing Laney

They say the path of true love never runs smoothly and forever this rare gift is decidedly unpredictable. This proves to be the case for sweet sublime Laney who has held a secret spark for Dean since adolescence but the small difference in their ages at school meant her girlish dreamboat never actually saw her […]

Poor Baby, Where does it hurt?

The teenage years can be forever challenging for both boys and girls especially when it comes to intimate relationships and developing sexual matters. Dreams of fidelity or purity surely abound from both genders which sadly often turn to dust when the reality of a first kiss or unintended touch goes wrong and an initial supposedly […]

It’s All Gone Totally PC

Sometimes the entire universe changes and you don’t realise or recognise that it has; because suddenly in the modern political environment a misspoken word or unguarded action catches you unaware and proves to be utterly disastrous. So it turns out for Eddie, a mild mannered football coach who feels he is a fair-minded or tolerant […]

The Many Decadent Layers of Billionaire David Vey

It is well known wealth or money alone cannot buy happiness though many people naively think that it is the answer to every problem. However some men seem to have it all, especially handsome Billionaire David Vey who makes his fortune young and now lives a privileged affluent lifestyle based in his brash glassy Vey […]

The S Plan Diet

Advancing years and putting on weight goes together like apple pie and ice cream, chocolate cake and coffee, tea and biscuits, streak and chips or any combination of tasty treats that pile on the pounds far too easily. It is difficult reality to deal with for both genders but for women of a certain maturity […]

The Feminiser – #metoo

For those of you that have not noticed recently the world is not as it once was. Our social fabric that had been built for millennia – apparently on just men and women – has altered completely, until the rise of males with more than just a passing penchant for femininity has almost become the […]

Million$Massage by Tiggy Mills

Lenny and Violet get married far too young and in fact ignore the many prescient warnings proffered, because out of real concern everyone tells them so. However Violet especially does not wish to listen because her husband to be is very much the heartthrob and handsome star at the local college they go to and […]

AMAZON – Beauty has a Price

The legend of The Amazons – a mystically strikingly beautiful and athletic family of women – has been with us for ever but is surely just another tall-tale or erotic fantasy for all sides of the sexual coin; as the evocative image or innate fascination of strong sublime females surely appeals to both genders in […]