Reversal of Fortune

Fate or fortune are close bedfellows. The future is always unseen or uncertain and sometimes it is only the fickle wind of destiny that can make the necessary difference to truly create a meaningful change. We meet Carl when he is young, naive but foolishly assured that the road to becoming a successful man is […]

Honey Trap – whores for the cause

Ambition is normally an admirable characteristic but, without question, occasionally it can be taken much too far.Liam – along with his fiancé Peyton – is determined to become a special secret agent but, despite real efforts to make the grade at the training boot-camp, falls short of the necessary level expected. The only twisted road […]

Summer Holiday – Tiggy Mills

Compromise; is a word that most women unfortunately know only too well.All but the special ones blessed by the invisible mythical Venus – who grants them true love for a while – have to compromise, and even the privileged pretty few often eventually have to survive then lower their high standards the second or, God […]

My Wife’s Wicked Sister

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when we are young and trying to make our way in the confusing social universe that is opening-up for us.For a starry-eyed boy to fall under the evocative spell of a slightly older but far more experienced girl who has wicked and depraved intentions is understandable, but then to flee and […]

A Transient Transition

All men without exception are fascinated by female things, in one way or another, even ifthey sometimes don’t recognize or realise that they are. And if any male had the magical opportunity just to spend a few minutes actually inside the mind or sublime body of a slender subtle female form – just to see […]


We’ve all met people that have commendable self-discipline and the wilful ability to deny themselves. To many it is an admirable, much to be recommended trait, especially set against the modern impulses of over-indulgence in all manner and means as if attempting to taste the entirety of the most succulent fruits of life. Too much […]

Day Job – Daisy Boon

Often a responsible married man must selflessly do whatever is needed merely to make ends meet.If what is involved requires a stinging splash and sharp whip of shame or humiliation then – as someone that can look at the greater picture – a real man can selflessly endure, simply to meet the many financial realities. […]

The Taming of Tilly

There is an old wives’ tale or perhaps nowadays it is merely a fable that a husband should be master of his wife. This is along with the distinctly curious idea that the woman should be a trembling nervous virgin on the wedding night at which time the supposedly omnipotent man in the relationship shows […]

TransG – a very progressive band

Not every couple gets married for love. All undoubtedly seek passion at first but often boys and girls ultimately settle for companionship or a comfortable association simply because they have common goals or interests with their partners and in the modern liberal universe often find true love in varied or differing ways. Without doubt relationships […]

Losing Laney

They say the path of true love never runs smoothly and forever this rare gift is decidedly unpredictable. This proves to be the case for sweet sublime Laney who has held a secret spark for Dean since adolescence but the small difference in their ages at school meant her girlish dreamboat never actually saw her […]