Award Winning Erotica – The Apartment of SIN.


Tantalus Press is pleased and proud to announce the winner of the 2014 prize for erotic Fiction and introduce, viagra The Apartment of Sin by Mia Robbins.

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An incredibly emotive and sensual first novella from a talented, cure emerging new writer that will captivate and stimulate. Highly recommended.
Life seems mapped out sometimes; set in stone. That’s how it is for Joy, who is promised to the reliable and dependable Robert, who is destined for the English clergy and an existence to be spent in worship, spirituality and heavenly service. That was to be her plan as well, but had she never heard the famous saying from a wise man? ‘Tell God your plans and watch him laugh!’
They share an apartment in Manchester but are forced to sublet a single room to young, handsome, Daniel, little knowing what an he will have on their staid lives – especially the innocent, naïve Joy; whose previous, puritan existence swiftly descends, changes and merges into a twisted, sordid, devilish, sexual life and an unknown future. All is exquisitely detailed and crafted by the author, as Joy finds and discovers new, more earthly passions and fervour that forces her to question everything she thought she held so dear.
A novella that will linger long in the memory.


The small flat or apartment seemed perfect; it was up a single flight of stairs and had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a lounge, and was just right for Robert and me.

Robert, my boyfriend was at the Manchester Diocese training for the clergy and I spent the weeks at university in Sheffield studying theology; religion, devotion and study, was our whole lives and motivation.

We had been together for what seemed an eternity, from early childhood; our families were staunch Christians and our lives and futures all seemed so clearly mapped out.

Robert was to become a minister and I was to become his wife and devoted follower; it seemed a purposeful and meaningful existence and I embraced the thought of it willingly, lovingly and with dedication and passion.

I was nineteen and Robert nearly twenty-one and I considered, with his slim build, wavy, dark hair and glowing smile, he was something of a catch.

To be honest I never thought of myself as pretty; I was quite tall, nearly 6 feet with large, full breasts and long brown hair, but I had little interest in my appearance, clothes or my presentation.

I thought of such trivial things as vanity and self-indulgence and matters best left alone.

However, from time to time I had been described as attractive and I knew I had a pleasing face, with bright, sparkling brown eyes and an acceptable, slender, lithe figure.

Robert and I knew we were destined for marriage and there was a deep bond of understanding and respect between us; we stayed together in the flat but in separate rooms, and of course never indulged in any type of sexual intercourse or any physical interaction at all.

That would have been absolutely unthinkable!

Such base, primitive and carnal interaction before the sanctity of religious connection was the devil’s way, could never be considered by either of us and, although privately I sometimes wondered about that earthly way of life, it was not relevant; our minds were always focussed on far more important, celestial and spiritual matters.

Life in the apartment was perfect, peaceful, quiet and secluded, until we discovered one weekend that money we had expected from our families, was not forthcoming and we could not financially manage the accommodation between us, especially with me paying for temporary lodgings during the week in Sheffield.

The simple solution was to let my private space and for me to move into the other room with Robert; we had a spare bed there and, always being the practical person he was, he erected a carefully positioned, curtain screen to preserve my modesty.

Finding a flatmate was problematical however, we advertised and after interviewing, seemingly hundreds of applicants we decided on a young man, with light, blonde hair who was studying at Manchester, Metropolitan University.

We ultimately chose Daniel because he drove a smart, navy sports car and we felt sure that he could afford the rent; he was also well presented, blue eyed, polite and had a certain youthful, roguish, elegant charm.

He was considerably shorter than I was; seemed somewhat innocent and innocuous but little did I realise how he would completely turn our lives upside down!

Daniel signed and paid for a six-month lease, moved in on the Friday when I was having one of my weekend visits, and it took him virtually no time to demonstrate to us what a huge, massive mistake we had made.

We were awoken late into the night to hear grunting and moaning noises from my old room and I instantly looked at Robert in trauma and disbelief; we understood immediately that our new flatmate was having carnal, immoral, dark, ungodly, sexual relations with some faithless girl of ill repute right next door to us!

It was unbelievable!

It was pervasive and all invasive and, as the foul noises continued for so many hours, I hardly slept a wink all night and was disturbed to my very moral and religious, spiritual centre…

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