Complex Compatibility – Daisy Boon

This is tale so twisted, perverse and deviant that it could only come from the bestselling author and talent Daisy Boon whom as USUAL spins a fantastical web of mixed up sexual genders that will simply make your head spin as much as it did for the lead characters.
Carl and Victoria had been sweet on each other from the first time they met at college. They had so much in common it was inevitable that they would end up together. But their marriage was not all that they thought it might be, and as they discovered just being similar and ‘close’ could have its’ drawbacks! Their relationship soon sank into trouble and they decided to take a risk, a voyage of emotional and sexual discovery that surprisingly enriched them, educated them and changed their lives COMPLETELY!.
kindle-eroticaDaisy Boon; ‘it’s weird, it’s wonderful, it’s intriguing, it’s highly sexual, fantastically erotic – a treat!’

Word Count: 29,958


It is often difficult to understand how we get to where we are eventually end up.

When Carl and I married it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do and I would never have believed it would finish in the bizarre situation it became.

People say opposites attract but in our case the reverse was true.

Carl and I were like soul mates in both body and mind, from the very first moment we met at senior high school.

He was the shy geeky boy and I was the awkward adolescent girl.

We both looked the same, slim, blonde and slightly anaemic looking, and we became close friends instantly from our very first meeting in class.

It took us a year to begin to date however and we both had some basic sexual experience with other people; well I did anyway.

I never went all the way with any of my various boyfriends however, wishing to stay pure and virginal until I had a ring on my finger.

But I did like to sexually play about a little, and enjoyed the discoveries and delights of a man’s body as most women do.

I saw Carl always with other girls but he never seemed predatory, unlike nearly all of the other guys, and I suppose they felt comfortable with him… as I did.

We qualified in business and administration and, the weekend after our graduation, we married at the ripe old age of twenty-one.

Everyone was pleased for us and as we held hands under the aisle I felt closer to him than anyone I had ever known.

I knew that our love would endure for our lives and as we hugged and kissed I felt a wonderful new chapter about to open up for us.

Our honeymoon was strange but interesting; on the first night we undressed each other nervously and we then stood like children and stared at each other’s bodies, almost for the first time.

Up to that point the furthest we had gone was kissed and caressed each other through our clothes; but now we were married and the desire to explore each other physically was both enticing and overwhelming.

We saw immediately our frames were almost identical, except for my small breasts and shaped hips and obviously, I inspected and looked at his male genitalia in curiosity and then, utter amazement.

His manhood seemed tiny in comparison to the ones I had seen and sucked; his balls were small petite and round like soft marbles and his penis was thin and pale and limp.

It was pretty and cute but to be honest, I was a little disappointed to think that this is what would master me the remainder of my life but I didn’t say anything or express my thoughts, as it surely wasn’t that important in the larger scheme of things.

Was it?

I wasn’t quite sure but I never fully mentioned, by the way, that I liked sucking men’s private bits; cock to be blunt!

Disgustingly, I just adored the base demeaning play of giving oral pleasure.

The thrill I got when I was providing good head to most of my previous boyfriends was always irresistibly, exciting for me.

I had become expert over time and now loved how a man would react when my mouth and tongue savoured on his most intimate places, and just delighted how I could seem to hold a male’s spirit and attention with just my delicate and increasingly expert lascivious techniques.


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