The Desire of The Woman…

Another insightful, imaginative story by the respected, Number 1 bestselling author, Emilia Blythe, dealing graphically, in her acerbic, unique style, about a mature woman’s path of discovering, BDSM, dominance, submission, various perverse, sexual fetishes and more importantly or specifically her own physical desires and needs, before life unfortunately or finally passes her by. A story to arouse, captivate, and provoke.

Sexuality is without doubt life’s most difficult and divisive matter to deal with; this fact is true whether it is from a male or female perspective. Both genders often run and hide from the subject, rather than face the dark or dirty inclinations or penchants of their bodies; in many ways it is far easier than dealing with such uncomfortable and thorny issues. So it is for, Lacy, who is putting on a brave face in a gloomy bar, as if celebrating the demise of her vacuous marriage with her husband, Michael, but at 37 this is her second, marital failure; she feels empty and lost. But life has an unexpected plan for her, and a frank discussion followed by an exchange of gifts with her ex-partner, sets events in motion that are equally surprising and seemingly unstoppable. Lacy, in her initial discoveries quickly comes across a famous but confounding saying…The desire of the man is for the woman but… the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man. Her subsequent, fateful voyage to reach sexual enlightenment and attempt to understand these apparently unambiguous but subtly deceiving words proves incredible, unbelievable and simply unmissable.
Find out if Lacy can somehow find her way to her eventual destiny?

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