A Cold, Hard Lesson – Bestselling Erotica

Bestselling erotica.

Spencer and his fiancé, Paris are an unusual young couple as they like to spice up their relationship by playing a sweet, innocuous sexual game between themselves. Paris is a virgin, only 19, and likes to tease other men with her exquisite, slender body while her fiancé Spencer perversely likes to observe and watch.
It seems just harmless fun and allows them some release from their combined commitment to remain pure until their wedding night. They go to visit Spencer’s older step sister for a weekend who is working as a chalet girl in the mountains of Italy. She introduced them to Bruno, a young, amorous, ski-instructor who is to be their guide and Paris, being the temptress she is, decides to play her sly, silly distraction with him; with her fiancés full, excited, confident approval of course. It should have been transient and innocuous but, with a last lift up the mountain, a flash of stupidity, an avalanche then suddenly, in a single night, everything changes. Spencer’s mouthy step sibling, Kitty is also dragged in and affected by their salacious fate and soon debasement and debauchery is inescapable for them all.
A cautionary tale from Tiggy Mills of how even a supposedly innocent, sexual diversion can have untold, dark repercussions. Sometimes for everything to begin its slide downhill to perverse, sexual humiliation and degradation all it takes is some teasing and an initial, little push!



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Bestselling erotica.

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