Good Mummy and the HEADMASTER

A powerful story of the abuse of blackmail,  humiliation, revenge

A meeting with her young son’s Headmaster begins a nightmare for Mrs Debbie Jones.

Her son is to be ‘permanently excluded’ from the ‘good’ school he attends, and the only alternative is the notorious Hesketh Grange, a rough slum school on a crime-ridden estate.A school that she herself suffered as a child. Mr Whittaker the Headmaster is consumed by dark and deeply-rooted needs He is fully prepared to achieve his corrupt ends by ‘any means necessary.’ He holds her son’s fate in his hands. What he wants to know is whether Debbie is prepared to be a ‘cooperate’ to save her son from the bullies, the druggies, and the delinquency of the other school. Is she prepared to be a ‘good mummy’ to save her only child?

But is it enough just to be ‘good’? When does such power go too far? Ask too much? Can even a ‘good’ mummy go bad? And what then? Sometimes even a seemingly cut and dried ‘deal’ can spin out of control

A story which is both powerfully erotic and psychologically insightful, dealing with the abuse of power, the craving to possess and the instinct for, and satisfactions of, revenge…

‘Janey Pilsbury at her considerable best…’

milf humiliation story

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