AMAZON – Beauty has a Price

The legend of The Amazons – a mystically strikingly beautiful and athletic family of women – has been with us for ever but is surely just another tall-tale or erotic fantasy for all sides of the sexual coin; as the evocative image or innate fascination of strong sublime females surely appeals to both genders in […]

The Prize

A person’s sexuality can be a most personal or sometimes problematical matter and often something of a maturing, internal struggle. It is little understood that the only physical or chemical thing separating the genders is a single, solitary X chromosome within our genetic make-up and therefore – especially while in the formative, teenage years – […]

Setting a Good Example…. Daisy Boon

Being a parent is always problematical as such a role carries tremendous weight and responsibility. So when Paul, a divorcee whose wife has long ago abandoned him, finds his fourteen-year-old son Luca is regularly trying on luxurious, sensual female clothing he is unsure what to do for the best. Fortunately for him, there is sound […]

Couple’s Retreat – An X Chromosome Story

Perhaps Las Vegas is not a wise place to wed, information pills especially when you own a bar and are too partial to enjoying the available easy girls that abound in risqué outfits. That’s how life is for young self-absorbed Alec but his selfish actions are causing the marriage to equally juvenile, ambulance pretty Stacey […]

A Little Problem – Daisy Boon

Justin knew he was emotionally and physically very different from the boys he grew up with and although the young man consistently tried to hide his obvious lack of masculinity, with regard to showers and sports at school etc, it was not easy childhood. He had always possessed a secret, inherent penchant or curiosity for […]

Venus in Nylon

Tantalus-Press is proud to present, a Venus in Furs for the 21st Century from the pen of bestselling Daisy Boon! Venus in Furs, written way back in the 1800 was the inspiration and perhaps the template for masochism; but now so many years later is it still relevant? His tale spoke of a faded time […]

SATYR – by Daisy Boon

Special agent erotica. The revered MI5 special agent, ask Jamie Bound is now showing his age. In a modern universe his politically incorrect attitude is well past its sell-by date; his world can no longer revolve around promiscuous girls, cost spectacular explosions, caricature villains and guns. And to make matters even worse the world he […]

It’s Complicated – Daisy Boon

Transgender erotica A famous comedian once said when playing a song completely out of tune, that he was hitting all the right notes, but perhaps… in the wrong order! Maybe life is like that sometimes and souls are in the correct time and place but maybe not quite where they were intended or needed to […]

MANEATER by Daisy Boon

An in depth transgender story in the unique bestselling style of Daisy Boon about little known Far Eastern culture, recipe sexuality, diagnosis femininity, Sissydom and of course dirty, mixed gender and depravity… When does an inclination become something else? What is the spark that changes an urge into a compulsion or an obsession that ignites […]

Inside My Sister’s HEAD – Daisy Boon

Siblings are always bound together; and brother and sister especially so, but few are as connected as twins, Paul and Jennie. They entered the world in mystical and ethereal circumstances and the tie is not simply flesh or blood but something far more magical and mysterious. It is soon apparent that somehow their minds are […]