Me and Mrs Jones

Sometimes an adolescent experience or crush can haunt you emotionally even if you don’t quite realise it has. This seems certainly to be the case with regard to young Jimmy who in his youth spends an unforgettable tortuous six months doing menial work under the perverse, dominant often sadistic thumb of the fearsome but forever […]

My Japanese Letcher Tour

It’s the usual tale of an empty marriage gone wrong that’s both parties’ fault yet in some ways no one is really to blame. A critical tipping point is reached before at long last a mixed-up, middle-aged but still fragrant blonde Flora is driven to act impulsively because, on a whim, she travels to the […]

SLUT by Emilia Blythe

An active imagination never dies, generic and can often cause us to say or do things that are outside our normal character. After a long marriage and two grown up children, it is not unreasonable for her to dwell upon what she might have missed; and to wonder if she really has enjoyed all the […]

A Good Man is Hard to Find…

Can you really have your cake and eat it as well? Still desirable Elizabeth, in her late thirties, is at a crossroads. She is divorced, childless almost penniless; her life is just scraping along and feels most frighteningly that old age is fast approaching. The present boyfriend, or now fiancé, is an old flame or […]

The Games People Play

A long term relationship or marriage inevitably goes tired or stale; often neither partner is to blame but merely proves the old adage that familiarity breeds contempt. Sadly it is precisely this lack of interest or the missing, primal spark of sexuality and attraction between a man and woman that is so vital in keeping […]

SELFIE: Indulgence & Obsession

Often good or bad things in life happen by accident. A picture or message not meant to be seen or heard that subsequently creates unforeseen happenings, events and destinies as one fate or life inevitably always crosses another. Sue was only trying to look after her daughter Cassie; to be a concerned, protective mother but […]

The Desire of The Woman…

Another insightful, imaginative story by the respected, Number 1 bestselling author, Emilia Blythe, dealing graphically, in her acerbic, unique style, about a mature woman’s path of discovering, BDSM, dominance, submission, various perverse, sexual fetishes and more importantly or specifically her own physical desires and needs, before life unfortunately or finally passes her by. A story […]

Rebel! – Emlia Blythe

A dark, twisted, interracial tale that explains in entertaining and arousing detail, that sometimes what appears to be absolutely the wrong thing, can be the the right thing to do! Once in a while you desire something so much that nothing else seems to matter. But then events take place and you realise that you […]

The LADY is a TRAMP – Emilia Blythe

A spellbinding tale of interracial milf humiliation – passions and dark motivations as High Society meets low morals… Georgina Sophia Raleigh is a Lady of quite impeccable breeding; her family are of royal stock and from the day she was born she has lived in a gilded cage of privilege and prestige. She is the only […]

M.I.L.F – MIlf Interracial story

Milf interracial story. Prim and proper Helen is lost in a soulless job, a sexless, bad marriage and has a partner that likes to show her off and display her as if she was some, mere ornament for other men to lust after and desire. There seems no escape as she is scared, downtrodden, accepting […]