Million$Massage by Tiggy Mills

Lenny and Violet get married far too young and in fact ignore the many prescient warnings proffered, because out of real concern everyone tells them so. However Violet especially does not wish to listen because her husband to be is very much the heartthrob and handsome star at the local college they go to and […]

The Servant- But who is serving who…?

The year is 1912 a few months after the tragic Titanic disaster, truly a fateful time when the world is dangerously perched on the edge of a vast war along with the resultant earth-shattering changes that will follow. However, nothing as yet has occurred, and the new young Lord Shackleton’s main concern is simply to […]

Turning Tricks by Tiggy Mills

An existence of actual sexual depravity is normally only lived out within a surreal erotic fantasy or the most unlikely pages detailing tall, salacious stories and never crosses over into the real everyday universe. I mean young Mark or his tall, elegant but equally naïve wife, Lynette, never initially harboured any conscious thoughts about the […]

ICE QUEEN – Tiggy Mills

Often in nature, the brightest, most attractive plants or animals can prove to be the most dangerous or deadly of their species, as it is so often of the fairer sex in human life. This is especially true in the case of the spectacular Angela, still in her teenage years; blonde, distant, unattainable, virginal, cool, […]

Marley’s ANGELS – Tiggy Mills

Once, there were three, daring, adventurous little girls who gradually grew up to become beautiful and extremely capable FBI Agents. However, the secretive, dangerous world they now inhabit is frustratingly, annoyingly misogynistic and the young women quickly leave this specialist but slanted organisation to form their own, female-only security operation but sadly, even with this […]

Losing a Friend…Gaining a Stepmum…

Close relationships between highly-strung girls can be very hard to build but too easy to break into a million irreparable pieces. Especially when an old school friend has suddenly and unexpectedly taken up with your lonely, view rich, only remaining parent. This is the case for Emmiline regarding her former pal Jemima; these are privileged […]


Ultimate Voyeur Life can be a card game that sometimes serves up a poor if not unplayable hand. So it is for Tom who has just turned eighteen, has lost his mother when only a child, been deserted by his father years before, which leaves him alone in a home with his hateful stepmother and […]

A Father’s Concern

Being a parent is never easy. Having the responsibilities of a father is especially hard when your beautiful but precocious daughter is the product of a first, failed marriage and you have a new, young wife to cope with as well. This is the dilemma for George whose wayward child, Charlene, is something of a […]

Captain Caroline – Tiggy Mills

Captain Caroline – Tiggy Mills In the 1700s, Lady Caroline Darcy is on board the navy ship Mars secretly eloping and bound for the new Americas. She is undoubtedly young, beautiful, headstrong and deceitful…and the only girl on a ship full of lusty sailors under the rule of brutal, dictatorial, Captain Brigham. Mutiny, malevolence, mayhem […]

Army Games – Tiggy Mills

A story which is much, much more than simple kindle erotica. It is a new age, perhaps the aftermath of the failed so-called, New World Order. There are no countries any more, just continents, North, South, East and West. The only constant is the threat and prospect imminent war. Economies are crumbling and this fact […]