A Cold, Hard Lesson – Bestselling Erotica

Bestselling erotica. Spencer and his fiancé, Paris are an unusual young couple as they like to spice up their relationship by playing a sweet, innocuous sexual game between themselves. Paris is a virgin, only 19, and likes to tease other men with her exquisite, slender body while her fiancé Spencer perversely likes to observe and […]

Surrogate Situation – Interracial Humiliation – Tiggy Mills

A twisted story of interracial humiliation, procreation, reproduction and secret desires… Justin and Minnie are doing well; they are both working, young, happily married and contented until Justin’s chance encounter with former college roommate; the black, dissolute Levi. He mistakenly invites, Levi for dinner where unfortunately, but fatefully, it transpires that he has certain reproductive […]

Ring of Desire: Tantalus-Press is Proud to Present…

From Tantalus-Press is proud to present the erotic publishing event of the year! The COMPLETE ‘Ring of Desire’ Collection! 205, price 000 words (approx. 759 pages), comprises four glorious volumes, a sequence of twenty-four stories, each one detailing the erotic escapades of a series of very different women, each of whom temporarily possess the fateful […]

Going Undercover – Dirty Sex, Dirty Money…

Dirty money, dirty sex and rough justice… Jo Daly certainly knows right from wrong; she is a young, pretty, professional, police detective and relishes enforcing the law and bringing the sharp sword of rough justice to an unfair world. She is 23, married and thinks she has a clear direction and purpose in her life […]

A Natural Talent – Tiggy Mills

Peter is a very ordinary young man, viagra 100mg who had an extraordinary natural talent. Through a combination of fate and unexpected circumstance he discovered an exceptional, about it unheralded, innate ability. This was a capacity to please women – to make them experience sexual pleasure and release with his clever, skilful tongue. But so […]

Reparation – Tiggy Mills – Interracial erotica

Interracial erotica at its scorching best! Sometimes you grow up and all you want to do is make things better. This was how it was for Cole; born in the Southern United States, he had been taught by his mother to hate slavery, the historic persecution of the black race, and to try and atone […]

The Princess and the PORNSTAR – interracial humiliation story

Interracial humiliation story. Princess Maria is a beautiful, page young, web frustrated, sexually awakening princess locked in the gilded cage of royal privilege. It is an existence she is desperate to escape from to explore all the possibilities life has to offer. In this twisted tale of interracial debauchery this Princess invents a daring pretext […]

Sibling Rivalry – interracial sex story

A classic interracial sex story from the bestselling pen, this and perverted mind of Tiggy Mills. This is a most lurid tale of interracial lust and how a single dynamic black man can take sexual control of a whole family in an unbelievably perverted way. This story extends the boundaries of interracial domination, medicine humiliation […]

Taken for a Ride – Tiggy Mills

Joe Hampton’s youthful future was set out for him. He was a local country boy and had just been employed as the junior groom at the famous manor in the small village where he had spent his whole young existence. He was excited, diagnosis ecstatic. It was as if all his small insignificant ambitions had […]

Unexpected Consequences – Tiggy Mills

An interracial sex story of submission, unhealthy repression, page seduction and debauched cravings that jumps off the page in sordid, find lustful, twisted tension. Newly-married Francine, her older husband Gordon, and his young stepdaughter Bernie from his first marriage are drifting in a world where nobody seems honest or happy. Gordon is living a lie, […]