The Venus Syndrome

There was once a perception that all beautiful emerging young women were shy and innocent and only waiting, in their sweet virginity, for a veritable prince of a man to come and save then marry them. Such ancient unlikely attitudes may still exist today although they certainly do not apply to the fabulous Helen Ashton […]

Submission Seduction Humiliation & Cuckoldry

Some problems in a marriage are best left alone for the sake of longevity. Colin and Terri are at the very start of their journey through life when they hear an incredible sordid story from the husband of close friends bemoaning the fact that his wife has been seduced then utterly corrupted by a handsomebut […]

Where No Man Has Gone Before

It is said that space is the ultimate final frontier. A vast area of endless exploration where a starship’s captain can live a life of wild adventure and wonder amongst the flaming glittering stars, alien worlds and incredible often dangerous species he may encounter. However, some boundaries or fantasies are far more subtle and exist […]

Dirty Politics: How to climb the greasy pole

After a rigorous upbringing and idealistic education, Percival Druse knew exactly what was right with the world. And he felt it his absolute duty to defend it against all the faddish nonsense that characterised modern life. So a life of public service as a Conservative politician seemed his natural calling. However, it never occurred to […]

Cruella Pain’s Fem-Dom Masterpiece

Converted: pt One: Trained to WORSHIP Converted pt Two: Trained to SERVE Part one: Elliot Bonham didn’t know anything.  He was a semi-retired accountant, divorced, and an amateur historian. He was thoroughly middle class, set in his ways, and decidedly unworried about anything. He did, however, watch a lot of pornography. He was contemptuous of all […]

SSS – Secret Sissy Society

The clues to sexual orientation tend to be noticed early on in our lives. Psychological roots regarding such subtle matters always starts with childhood where much is always openly exposed or revealed but perhaps some clues to the future are more apparent than others.For Alex – the blonde good-looking male subject of our story – […]

The Migrant Maze

Migration, asylum and any other flights to freedom or possible fortune have become complex and complicated issues in the modern world that often entangle many lives. It is not only the suffering or oppressed that are impacted but, for the few, this divisive immigration game can offer prestigious positions within government alongside accompanying substantive salaries […]

Reversal of Fortune

Fate or fortune are close bedfellows. The future is always unseen or uncertain and sometimes it is only the fickle wind of destiny that can make the necessary difference to truly create a meaningful change. We meet Carl when he is young, naive but foolishly assured that the road to becoming a successful man is […]

Honey Trap – whores for the cause

Ambition is normally an admirable characteristic but, without question, occasionally it can be taken much too far.Liam – along with his fiancé Peyton – is determined to become a special secret agent but, despite real efforts to make the grade at the training boot-camp, falls short of the necessary level expected. The only twisted road […]

Summer Holiday – Tiggy Mills

Compromise; is a word that most women unfortunately know only too well.All but the special ones blessed by the invisible mythical Venus – who grants them true love for a while – have to compromise, and even the privileged pretty few often eventually have to survive then lower their high standards the second or, God […]