Charlie Dickinson

My real name is Celie but my friends call me Charlie so if you are reading this and considering buying a book then please think about me as Charlie, given I like the alias as it makes me feel enigmatic and mysterious.I’m a youngish, good girl with a delectably bad imagination that has got me into many scrapes in my social life with both boys and girls at school, university and beyond, over my previous wayward and wild days. Now I’m on the edge of settling down, it makes me realise that I never really completed – or perhaps properly started – my bucket list of sexual adventures. However, instead of surrendering my welcome stability I thought I could use my trained literary talents to enticingly discover, explore then write about them and share the details with my friends which is perhaps much more rational than actually doing them. It’s because I have always liked my sex simple, dangerous and very much on the edge so I hope you will come along with me on these diversions and try to remember at all times it’s all merely salacious fantasy. This is because undeniably the urge to cross-over and try such decadent misadventures for real is forever present inside us all, however sensible or old you are!