Charlie Dickinson

My real name is Celie Dickinson, but my friends have always referred to me as Charlie. Educated at Oxbridge (lush I know) took up journalism (boring) …then did the normal by marrying (in haste) having a daughter before getting divorced (Inevitably) and everything going to pot for a while.
Somewhere along the way I grew up, realised the job was not what I thought it was going to be then went freelance into editing and some retail endeavours.
However, I found that I seriously missed the literary world, rediscovered a need to write then found a publisher and realised that my ideal starting point was something steamy and sexual given you are always supposed to compose about what you know!
Not that I’m an expert on all such subversive matters like female domination – that sorely intrigues me and makes my blood run – but my sexual history is eclectic and to date favours neither men or woman. At the same time, my personal penchants remain hidden and extremely dark, which comes out clearly in my debut tale and hopefully the stories to come.
To write for me is strangely compelling, adventurous and liberating while I hope for my audience these imaginative creations are welcomed as suitably sordid but sensually divine.

Charlie X

Spread the lust !