We’ve all met people that have commendable self-discipline and the wilful ability to deny themselves. To many it is an admirable, much to be recommended trait, especially set against the modern impulses of over-indulgence in all manner and means as if attempting to taste the entirety of the most succulent fruits of life.

Too much of anything is deemed not to be beneficial for the soul and the maxim of restraint is often lauded as a preferable way to behave.
Regarding the mature subject of our tale – the wealthy and successful business-woman Mrs J Taylor – she applies the most stringent rules of conduct to herself along with her lovely daughter Bethany, all under the self-administered mantle of probity or self-control which she rigidly applies to all areas of her life

In the financial sphere this discipline proves a successful profitable asset, but this is at the expense of a personal life which lived along these rigid inflexible lines has proved to be an ongoing unmitigated disaster; from a brief, hollow marriage, to her emerging definitely problematic, precocious, promiscuous daughter and a personal social and sexual existence that has been endlessly passionless and empty.
Then quite improbably her troubled child turns the sharpest corner and this magical alteration seems apparently all due to her new boyfriend Paul, that reputedly has demonstrated mercurial abilities to mysteriously improve or change female lives for the better.

In understandable curiosity, Mrs Taylor wonders how this apparently ordinary young man has influenced her precious child in such a positive manner – that had always been beyond her stern maternal abilities – and an innocent but pointed question at a family dinner, before Bethany leaves to university, leads to an entirely unexpected reply then completely unanticipated results.
The older but still fragrant Mrs Taylor thinks her honed educated mind understands the meaning of control but as she gradually slides under the insightful subversive seductive influence of young Paul, soon discovers that purposely shutting down her innate libido or sexual instincts – as she has for longer that her giddy head can recall – is merely a manifestation of ignorance or personal fear.

A decadent dirty sensual odyssey under this young man’s debauched direction and influence soon plays out then overwhelms her newly released senses or sordid urges, because the compulsion to confront the subsequently exposed inadequacies as a sensate sexual woman – while she still has the fleshy tools to attract the opposite gender – proves ultimately, utterly irresistible.
The superior, aloof Mrs J Taylor thinks she comprehends or has mastered control, but it is only useful inside the narrow colourless, tasteless world she inhabits and when by chance the naive woman enters fully into the perverse primal universe of real physical life or primitive intimacy created by her wicked mentor, our subject humiliatingly finds that true control has to be salaciously learned then earned.

An amazing subtle examination of female presumption, prejudice or confused erotic attitudes from the renown best-selling Emilia Blythe who relates a detailed tawdry tale of sexual repression, anxiety then enlightened self-discovery, from an older woman’s initially uninformed perspective.

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