Being Beautiful – Daisy Boon – The Most Dangerous Sexual Journey of All

A absolute classic cross-gender story. There is a famous fable called The King’s New Clothes when the only person that could not see life and things for what they really were, see was the person themselves. He was too vain and wrapped up in his own self-importance to contemplate and accept the obvious. In this story Adam is of similar character. He is arrogant, visit this self-delusional and beautiful, so beautiful that every woman wants him and wishes to be with him. But are things really quite as they appear? Is Adam really the all-conquering man he purports to be and a true incarnation of the dominant male image he portrays? He meets Rose, imposing audaciously on her life and finds a close, loving sexual spark with her. They are kindred spirits, similar in looks and in so many ways, but discover that they have far more in common than even they realise. Adam is the type of person that is reckless, opening one door after another in search of another conquest or thrill to sustain his insatiable ego and sexual appetite. But sometimes life takes you to one door too many, one door that you should never open unless you wish to discover you are not quite the man you once thought you were!

An unbelievable, ground-breaking tale from the instantly, bestselling erotic genre writer Daisy Boon. It takes our hero or heroine on a dangerous sexual journey, of denial, discovery, realisation and astonishing change. It is a path that takes Adam from simple beginnings to the glamour of Innocent Airlines; an international airline where his true repressed self is developed and exposed in an initially subtle, then explosive manner. Cross-dressing, humiliation, sexual depravity and scintillating raw sexual imagery are liberally exposed and described as the story unravels and reaches its ultimate conclusion.

A dangerous sexual journey of denial, discovery, and astonishing change from the bestselling sexual genre writer Daisy Boon. A vivid, fascinating, raw sexual world that informs, amuses, thrills and shocks all at the same time.

Word count: Word Count: 29,827



Being beautiful as I quickly found out was sometimes more difficult than you might imagine. From my early childhood days I realised that I was extremely attractive to girls and as I grew and matured it became ever more apparent.

It was a blessing and a curse at the same time but I accepted it as a gift and never tried to take too much advantage of the never ending flow of females that would throw themselves at me.

I had reached the age of nineteen and was in my last year of college, studying media and was looking around town trying to arrange some accommodation for the final few months of my course. I had many offers from previous girlfriends but at my age, decided I needed some space and maybe some new challenges whilst I was still young and in my prime.

There was a room advertised in the ground floor of a house near campus, it was asking specifically for a girl to share. However I always liked to surprise people, to be daring and decided I would just turn up and meet Rose, who was the person on the notice, and see if it suited me.

I walked jauntily down the quiet side road, feeling the late autumn sun warm me and hopefully darkening my tan a little. There was a breeze and it seemed to play through my twisting fair locks of hair and made it gently flow as I sauntered.

My crowning glory was a huge part of my life, it was exceptionally long and although it was normally straight I used to like to tease it with some tongues just to give it a small twist and curl. I had a centre parting and liked to let it hang naturally so I could brush it back over my head frequently as it fell. Girls loved it, loved to touch it and it was one of my many little tricks to attract them.

In truth I did my hair because I liked it, but it undoubtedly got me noticed as well.

A few more steps and I was there, number 27a, downstairs flat and I pressed the black bell and heard a shrill ring that made my presence known.

A shape suddenly appeared through the opaque glass, the door opened and a pretty girl was looking at me and smiling. She was taller than I was, with the same colour hair, blue eyes and a slim pert figure. I liked her immediately and she spoke softly, like a whisper.


She was wearing tight white jeans and her waist seemed even smaller than mine.

“I’ve come about the advert.”

She perused me quickly up and down as if thinking.

“It was for a girl.”

I smiled cheekily.

“I know but…I like to be adventurous…don’t you?”

The girl laughed at my brash confidence and we were soon in her small kitchen sipping tea and getting on famously.

There was an instant chemistry between us and even though we were different sexes we looked surprisingly similar.  Our eyes were crystal blue and hair was the same radiant blonde colour, we were both slim although Rose was a little more curvy in the chest area. She was dressed in just jeans and a T-shirt, as I was, although mine were more fashionable, being tighter around the legs and shorter.

I saw her notice, girls always noticed, like me, they loved fashion.

“They’re from a small shop near the station…they get all the latest stuff.”

Her eyes glowed in avarice.

“Will you show me, I’d love a pair like that?”

I smiled; it was going to be another conquest for me, I could just tell!

“Might do?”

She giggled.

“Don’t be so mean Adam.”

We were soon sitting on her worn settee and she pushed me playfully. I knew from experience that first physical contact seemed to break down all the barriers with girls. I shoved her back, we had a pretend fight; I noticed what wonderfully soft skin she had and stroked her arm softly.

“What do you use Rose…to keep you so smooth?”

“Just moisturiser, cold cream and soap.”

I was shocked.

“I never use soap.”

She let her fingers run against my bare shoulder.

“My, it’s softer than mine…what’s your secret?”

I laughed.

“It’s a French cream and wash, very expensive…I’d never use a bar…as if!”

She held my hand.

“You have to tell me…please.”

Rose began to relax with me and absentmindedly stroked my perfect, tousled blonde locks.

“This is so beautiful…much richer than my tangled mess!”

I glanced at her teasingly; I knew that I had definitely scored with little Miss Rose!

“You want to know all my secrets?”

She nodded eagerly.

“So when can I move in?”

She threw her arms around my slender shoulders and hugged me, causing me to catch my breath.

“Whenever you want…Now!”


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