On the Same Wavelength – Crossgender erotica

A true classic of crossgender erotica. A fantastical, thumb irresistibly, page erotic journey into the world of Daisy Boon as she shows us, in her inimitable bestselling style, that with or without just a single X chromosome, the line between male and female gender is seductively so much less than you would think!

Brandon is an extremely academic and clever young man. He is also painfully shy, socially isolated and innocent in every possible respect. But then… everything changes…He is catapulted unexpectedly, ahead of his years, into university life and is, frighteningly for him, placed in accommodation with two, young female students who live their lives to the full. They are Harmony and Aimee.

He tries to ignore their energetic, frenetic, promiscuous, full engagement with university life and concentrate on his preferred isolation and solitary work.

However he finds a weird, unexpected connection with Harmony that, as scientists, they wish to explore together and, from their first mental union they become set on a seemingly unstoppable, impossible, irresistibly teasing physical destiny. 12474112_mlzzzzzzBrandon, even from childhood, always knew he was going places but never, in his wildest imagination, did he envisage where tempting fate, would ultimately cause him to end up!


I had always been cleverer than my peers; always top of my class, and when I went to Boston University, to study medicine and neurology at 18, a year ahead of everyone else, no-one was very much surprised.

I didn’t get the offer until late as there were no places left in the boy’s dorms and I was placed in a three bedroom apartment on campus with a shared bathroom.

I didn’t realise until I got there that my roommates were both girls and I tried not to look intimidated although I truly was.

I had never spent much time with the fairer sex; I was a virgin and always preferred to place my nose in a book rather than a glass of beer at some bar where all the females used to frequent with their silly made up faces and short skirts.

So to suddenly be around two nubile bodied girls, as my new companions definitely were, was daunting, but I tried not to show it and to take it all in my stride.

I had the privacy of my bedroom and the girls seemed friendly enough, so I presumed I could manage until a room at the boy’s building became available.

Aimee was small, petite and blonde haired and Harmony had a similar build but with a long, silky, brunette bob.

They were both extremely pretty and I tried from the beginning very hard not to notice, but it was not easy.

I assumed them to be just silly bimbos, studying art or media or something, primarily because of their appearance and it was with some amazement that I found out that Harmony was in my class for neurology.

That was the reason they had put me in the apartment with them as she was a student on my course.

Harmony, it appeared with her divine, angelic face, cute ass and slight figure was something of a genius, like me!

I settled down within a week and, although the girls were open and amiable, and asked me if I would like them to show me around I always refused their entreaties and invitations.

I was somehow uncomfortable with them, they were always surrounded by admiring men or boys, so I preferred to frequent the science club with other students like me that just studied, rather than fully embrace the University social life that frankly terrified me.

Girls especially held great trepidation and fear for me, as I had just no experience of what to say to them or even how to talk or interact with the opposite sex.

In truth I was very shy and naïve of such base, obvious and social things.

I just concentrated on my work, ignored the outside world the best I could and if my promiscuous flatmates brought a male or men back to the apartment for their entertainment, which they seemed to do frequently, I quickly escaped to the sanctity of my own room.

They both seemed to have boundless energy, were involved with cheerleading, parties and seemingly anything involving the opposite sex and it was all a bit much for me to take in.

Also they seemed uncomfortably close and were always laughing or giggling or touching and I luridly wondered of they had their own little, perverse relationship going as well?

I tried not to judge them but they were obviously girls of easy virtue and I reached the conclusion that as long as I kept them at arms length, then I could cope and they would not upset my small, separated, insular world of science and study.

That worked fine until one fateful afternoon…


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