Strange Change – Daisy Boon – Crossgender Story

Stunning new crossgender story from cult author  Daisy Boon.

Sayings can mean whatever you wish them to… ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’ … ‘All that glistens is not gold’ can be two opposite sides of the same circle.

Two young, ed innocent, click virginal naïve newlyweds preferred the first saying, visit web where what was to be provided for them was free! But hadn’t Frankie and Debbie heard another saying… that there was never such a thing as a free lunch?

A holiday for them in luxury to the Middle East was an adventure not to be missed and all Frankie had to promise to do was to open himself up to his more feminine side. This he did, but in ways that were beyond his expectation and wildest imagination and what he thought was a joke suddenly became very real indeed.

He was transformed mystically into a young woman; almost a carbon copy of his wife and his sexual journey with her in the specially constructed luxury hotel in the mysterious heart of Arabia was a physical and emotional journey that changed him, his wife and their relationship forever.

But why had someone gone to so much trouble to get couples like Frankie and Debbie to this place and to set about changing the male into a divine, tantalising, sexually adventurous and promiscuous, female form?

Was it just fate? Or was there a guiding hand… something evil and subversive behind the scenes guiding them all each step of the way?

A dangerous and revealing journey into a new genre of twisted erotica. The X-Chromosome Stories. The difference between a man and a woman is just one single chromosome…a chromosome that can make the difference between dominance and submission, between satisfaction and humiliation…

Word count: 19,906


It had only been 8 hours since Debbie and I had married but it seemed like a thousand years. I was now allowed to touch her and take her but I couldn’t and each second now seemed like an eternity.

We had the small wedding as planned in Minnesota and then before I realised we were on the small private jet to somewhere in the Middle East. I was not sure where we were going but the advert we had answered was for a free honeymoon, for couples and newly married couples.

We had answered, more in hope than expectation, and amazingly had won the chance of not only a free holiday but prize money as well.

When you are poor you don’t ask too many questions about a free gift and once it was confirmed that Debbie was still a virgin the flight was arranged and we were en-route to an adventure.

I had bought the strange advert with us and I re-read it curiously.

Dream-luxury honeymoon, explore your husband’s or male partner’s feminine side on your special time; learn the language of love together in paradise. Free for newlyweds and couples when the women are still virgins.

I was unsure what it meant but Debbie and I agreed that such opulence as was offered was way too difficult to turn down and what did we care as long as it was free!

We both had an interview with some strange Middle Eastern gentlemen to answer a few stupid questions but as long as I got to fuck her in a posh hotel, they could ask whatever they liked! They also checked that Debbie was indeed a virgin but I could certainly vouch that my 19-year old bride still was… much to my developing frustration!

Debbie was sexy, lithe and slim with brunette hair and a killer figure. She was wearing a short red skirt and a white top and I sat beside her and longed to reach between her thighs and explore her secret places. We had fooled around, obviously, but Debbie wanted our honeymoon to be special for her. She wanted to lose her virginity within the sanctity of marriage and now we were officially wed, the suspension was killing me.

I tried to touch her but she backed away from me playfully and when I persisted, the flight attendant noticed and spoke to me severely. She was striking, with bright blue eyes, orange hair and long slim legs. She wore a blue stone around her slim neck that seemed to pulse with energy and soft light.

“Sir, your bride must be virginal or you will be sent home immediately and lose your chance to win any prize.”

I wanted to be rude but I sat quietly and looked at her ass as she walked away; she was so perfect and I had a small sexual daydream about her. I had some experience with women but at 20, to be honest, not very much.

We slept and then the plane jolted and we had landed. It was a barren dusty deserted airfield with sand and desert seemingly stretching out for miles all around and we were the only Aeroplane to be seen. To my surprise we were driven quickly over the dunes to where a small river appeared out of the landscape as if by magic.

A speedboat was waiting and a tall woman, again very beautiful, with black cropped hair and a similar bright blue stone around her neck, met us and spoke to us softly. She was dressed in just a black bikini and her figure was perfect, with slim hips and a rounded bosom and ass. I had never seen so many beautiful girls in such a short space of time, ever!

“My name is Diana, welcome…please sit in the craft and relax, it is a pleasant cooling peaceful journey up the water.”

We entered the boat and sat under the shade for a few hours and dozed as the craft wound and sped its way through the hot desert and made a small sharp cut in the dark water as it flowed gently up the narrow river. It was as if we were travelling a slim black snake of cool liquid as the curves of the river twisted and turned through the hot, yellow, parched dry land.

Eventually we came to a fork and then moored at a development somehow built in the very centre of this barren and desolate wilderness. There was nothing else but these new buildings to be seen, just sand that stretched out seemingly forever to the far horizon on one side and the closeness of the blue crystal sea on the other.

It was clear that the development was a first class hotel and we were quickly shown to our room and told to assemble in the lobby in a few minutes. The room was fantastic, large with a massive bed and en-suite bathrooms and I could not believe this was all free! It was exactly as they had promised.

We had been told only to bring one small bag each and I threw it on the bed and wondered if I had time to fuck my new wife before we went back down?

Before I could catch my thoughts a woman joined us, blonde with a black bikini and again a shining blue stone around her neck. Her figure was perfect and she was even more beautiful than the other women I had seen, up to now.

“Come downstairs now…please.”

We followed her and were led to a small room where there were 12 other couples sat together. We seemed to nod nervously at each other and suddenly the woman from the boat took centre stage and spoke to us.

“Welcome to you all my name is Diana and you are about to undertake a wonderful experience.”


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