Cruella Pain’s Fem-Dom Masterpiece

Converted: pt One: Trained to WORSHIP

Converted pt Two: Trained to SERVE

Part one: Elliot Bonham didn’t know anything. 

He was a semi-retired accountant, divorced, and an amateur historian. He was thoroughly middle class, set in his

ways, and decidedly unworried about anything. He did, however, watch a lot of pornography. 
He was contemptuous of all religion, innately suspicious of spirituality, and couldn’t for the life of him understand what it was that made someone want to kneel and grovel and mindlessly worship anything. 

Until, that is, he met HER. Until that point Elliot Bonham hadn’t known anything. 
But now he was going to learn.

Part two: To his own utter astonishment, against everything that he had thought true and proper, Eliot Bonham had been broken and trained to grovel and WORSHIP Her in a matter of a few days. 
It seemed to him that he was no longer living in a world he recognised at all. He didn’t realise that this was just the beginning. He had already been made to KNEEL. Now he would be made to SERVE.

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Female Domination story
Cruella Pain - UK Dominatrix/author

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