A Yesr to prove Myself – Daisy Boon

From Daisy Boon, visit author of the memorable: Descent into Servitude comes a new novel destined for cult classic status…c
The path of true love is often never straight forward and so it is proving for Clark who loves his girlfriend, the young delectable Madeline, but finds it hard to wait for any intimacy with her, given her shyness and innocence. His impatience leads him to stray, not once but twice, and the results of his foolishness takes him swiftly to a point in his life, where he has to demonstrate repentance and to make and amends, or lose the love of his life forever. His punishment and subsequent burden is unique and extraordinary, and he is ultimately given a year to prove himself and show his worth and devotion to his Maddy under the guidance of Madeline’s mother and her insightful book and code of his coming service and lifestyle, entitled The Bible of Modern Love!
Daisy Boon details, in her inimitable, special style, Clark’s battle as he fights gallantly against his slide into inescapable, inevitable obedience and submission, demonstrating brilliantly how there is definitely more than one way to show your true love to your wife or female partner!

If you enjoyed Descent into Servitude from the bestselling Daisy Boon, then you will simply worship this book!



I had got away with it once, Madeline had forgiven me for having sex with her friend Clara, but stupidly I had repeated and compounded my original mistake drunkenly, with another girl called Alexandra, and that seemed to have sent my girlfriend over the edge of tolerance with me.

I was so stupid, Madeline was so hot and beautiful; we had been going out for months now but she was so pure and chaste that I had hardly got as much as a kiss from her in all of our association!

So I was obviously frustrated, who wouldn’t have been?

I was nearly 19, hormonal and when the chances came at some friend’s parties she was not attending; temptation of the female form, and the overwhelming need to remove my innocence and expand my negligible, sexual experience proved too much for me to resist.

I mean it wasn’t much!

Sex with Clara was only to remove my virginity, lasted virtually seconds and then the time with Alexandra was just an inebriated coupling that again seemed to be over before it had begun!

It was hard to remember and completely forgettable, but now unfortunately the consequences seemed to be, to my eternal regret, that I had lost the one solitary girl I truly loved, it seemed for ever.

I received a text from her, something in abbreviated script detailing having been wrong about me and that her mother had been correct all along, and that we had to finish.

I was devastated, who would not have been?

Madeline was an extraordinary looking girl; she had incredible, blue eyes, was tall, blonde, slim but with firm breasts, a wondrous figure and legs to die for.

She was also extremely popular at the High school, clever and funny, in the dance and cheerleader squads and all my male peers and friends were so covetous and jealous that I was going out with her.

Was going out with her; God I had been so puerile and childish but felt sure that somehow I could persuade her one, final time.

I just somehow had to find a way!

In my defence I would like to mention that although this young girl was gorgeous and divine, Madeline had not been easy to date!

She was nearing 18 and had never, ever, let me near her exquisite body in all the time we had been going out, which is why I acted so selfishly and immaturely in the foolish, juvenile way I did in the first place!

We had only ever kissed and even then, not much; Maddy, that’s what I called her, didn’t seem to like basic, physical intimacy and it used to drive me mad to be so near and yet so far from her delicious, always hidden and locked away, feminine charms.

She had promised me things would change when she was 18, but I couldn’t or wouldn’t wait and now I had lost her; I was so unbelievably, irrationally pathetic and stupid!

I had decided to drive around to her house and try to talk the problem out.

I wanted to apologise in person and explain; I still had youthful, high hopes and expectations of making things right again.

The doorbell sounded shrilly through the reception hall of their huge mansion and to my joy Madeline opened the door in her tight, black, dance leotard, and white tights, smiled in recognition, but then stared at me coolly, dispassionately and disinterestedly.

“Oh hi, Clark…what do you want?”

She looked so sensational with her long, flowing, blonde hair and I blushed and tried not to stare at her perfect shape and the prominent, prurient rise of perfection between her sensually covered, delectable thighs.

I resisted the impulse to kneel at her feet and beg her forgiveness but it was important not to lose face too much, and I just spoke calmly as if not to truly demonstrate or show my desperation and to let matters slide into further humiliation for me.

“I’m sorry…sorry; can’t we try again Maddy?”

She stared at me, drew herself up straight and seemed even taller and more statuesque than I remembered her to be; then she sighed heavily, making her belly flow almost imperceptivity but amazingly in the tight, clingy, provocative, taut costume.


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