The Gender Experiment – Daisy Boon – KIndle erotica

Bestselling Kindle erotica – A dangerous and revealing journey into a new genre of twisted kindle erotica. The X-Chromosome Stories. The difference between a man and a woman is just one single chromosome…a chromosome that can make the difference between dominance and submission, mind between satisfaction and humiliation…

David was on the very edge of success; so close to an astounding breakthrough, the manipulation of the X-Chromosome; a discovery which could bring untold benefits to humankind. Everything was in place, the work had been done. He was almost ready to present his remarkable discovery to the world. He just needed to test it, to make sure that it worked

It should have been a simple, safe experiment, but experiments can – and do – go wrong. And wrong in this case means hitherto unimagined consequences. David had always been an Alpha-male – fully in control of his own life and destiny. Now he has to face the realities and humiliations of a new kind of life, a life in a female role and persona, he has to quickly adapt to and experience life as a teenage female and beyond…

His wife wants to help but only on HER terms. David has to accept the inevitable and so the story unfolds…

A sexual, physical and emotional journey that will humiliate educate and enrich him beyond his wildest imagination.

Word Count: 26,951



I was so close. I had spent the last few years trying to separate the male and female proteins in the DNA and now I had a mixture I was sure could work. I had experimented on mice and rats swapping the male and female DNA and had noticed marked changes both physically and behaviorally. The particle accelerator was essential to bind the process and I worked excitedly at the prospect of proving my theory. I had set out to understand why, with male and female DNA being so similar, the male and female of the species were so different. Privately I had always been fascinated by women they were wonderful creatures and it was my life’s work to understand them and both sexes in general. Once I cut through the helix and the proteins then it would not take much to balance behaviour out by adding a few male or female proteins. It could change behaviour, as we knew it, and the possibilities for use were endless.

It was late and I was tired and I re-checked my formula, I had loaded it with fresh female proteins from a young girl who had just died in a car accident. It may have seemed immoral but for the experiment to work it needed an outside donor for the extra DNA  – male or female – and a friend at the morgue had helped me.  Time was of the essence as each minute decreased the intensity of the proteins and I loaded the needle and pressed the injection deep into my vein. The small video camera recorded the moment and I quickly entered the small chamber that was the particle accelerator and set the dosage of acceleration. The door closed and the machine buzzed with electricity and I cried in pain as the rush of charge knocked me senseless.

When I awoke it was pitch black, the lights were off as I must have fused the power and I felt strange and giddy, completely disoriented. My clothes seemed to hang off me and I realised I needed to get home.

I found my keys tried to clear my head and rushed to my car. It was obviously very late as the roads were quiet and dark and I was relieved to see my house and pulled into the drive.

I was still close to passing out and I pressed the bell and listened as my wife came down the stairs and opened the door. She was tall with short dark hair and was dressed in a short white dressing gown; she looked at me curiously.


“It’s me.”


“Me… David…your husband, don’t play games I’m not well.”


“Fiona it’s me…let me in.”

She looked me up and down and smiled.

“Hang on a second.”

She returned with a vanity mirror and turned it towards me. I looked at my reflection. It was the face of a young teenage girl, long brunette hair, brown eyes and thick lips. I looked again and in shock I collapsed onto the floor. Fiona picked me up easily and held me by the shoulders.

“What’s my middle name?”


“When did we last have sex?”

“About six weeks ago.”

“It was seven actually…David… and it was crap by the way…come in… you do look nice.”

She lay me on the couch and gave me a sip of whisky. She slowly removed my white coat and suit, until I was naked. I tried to cover myself but she removed my hands and whistled admiringly.

“You are a beautiful young girl… about 18 I’d say…what a lovely little pussy you have as well dear.”

My hand covered my crotch but she just smiled.

“The experiment worked better than you thought David!”

“I don’t know what went wrong…”

“Seems like you got it right darling…you did say you wanted to understand women.”

I mumbled incoherently.

“I need to get back to the lab…”

“Of course…I’ll drive you but go and have a bath first…try to relax.”

She ran the water and I quickly splashed inside, ignoring my reflection in the various mirrors. The water was soothing and I just lay there trying to ignore the small breasts on my chest and not daring to look and the soft fold between my thighs. I shut my eyes and tried to pretend it was all a dream.

“Come on lazy…I’ve laid some clothes on the bed in the spare room…get dressed.”

I draped a towel around me and entered the room. The clothes waiting for me were a small pair of white panties, a grey skirt and a white top.

“I can’t wear this.”

“David you’re a young girl…I’ve borrowed some of Diana’s clothes…now get dressed and we’ll go.”

“I can’t wear this!” I said stamping my foot theatrically.

“Fine we’ll stay here.”

I realised how stupid I was being and eventually pulled on the underwear until they were snug around my crotch. I felt my body pulse but ignored the sensation and struggled to clip the skirt into place. Fiona helped me and I placed the top over my head and slipped on some trainers. I looked into the mirror and I was shocked at how attractive I was, I was a pretty, sexy teenage girl!


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