Becoming Jules – Daisy Boon – Twisted erotica

Twisted erotica at its finest.A dangerous and revealing excursion into a new genre of twisted erotica.
The X chromosome stories. The difference between a man and a woman is a single chromosome, page we are more alike than we think, buy information pills and one chromosome can make the difference between dominance and submission, between satisfaction and humiliation…

15693171_lIt is well known that brother and sister rarely get along. They are seemingly so close yet too far distant to form that all, consuming bond that lasts a lifetime. It is often gender that sets them apart and makes it difficult to understand each other. That’s how it was for Guy and his blonde pretty, bossy, 18-year old sister Elsa. Hadn’t she always bullied and suppressed him and made his life a misery? And then there was her best friend Jules, a strange and enigmatic girl who has more than an air of mystery and mysticism about her…

Fatefully one evening there is an accident, a terrible car crash and when Guy awakes from it he suddenly finds that, officially he has died and he is now unbelievably, in someone else’s body. Jules body! He sees his sister has survived as well and is lying beside him in hospital. The true dynamics of his fearful, unimaginable new situation begin to evolve. Jules is poor, destitute and living in poverty and Guy’s only chance of a life is to convince his bossy overbearing, dictatorial little sister exactly who he is and assist him to come home.

He has to unreasonably agree to submit to her control and direction in his search for a new beginning. It is an unbearable prospect for him to contemplate, but then so is living as Jules in a trailer park, with her alcoholic grandma and big Lenny from next door watching him, in his new nubile form with openly carnal intentions. Guy has to decide whether or not to swallow his former male pride and accept and commit to his change of sex and circumstances with all his new body, mind and soul.

Daisy Boon is a new sensation in erotic writing. Her ideas, imagination and insight into male and female sexuality, is setting new standards in her genre. When you enter her world with Guy and Elsa you share every mental and physical experience with them as if you were there! Ordinary feelings, that every brother and sister have in common then new ones, as the raw sexual reality and discovery of what Guy has to endure becomes apparent. They are both affected and changed forever by their shared developing journey, but is it for the better or the worse? You can decide…


I had always felt the odd one out. Elsa and my mum were so close and, although I felt loved, it often seemed that I was somehow, excluded.

Perhaps it was being the only man in the house, dad left when we were small and at 19, I was the only male, Elsa my pretty blonde sister, being the baby of the family at 18.

What annoyed me was that she never acted like that; she was always dominant and bossy, never listened to me and made me aggressive with her when I didn’t mean to be.

She just infuriated me and maybe that was the role of all siblings!

We had some money, lived in a comfortable house and I had everything I needed, even a red Mustang car which sat in proud, prime position on the front drive.

I was doing well at High School, in the football team and I thought I was fairly popular and well respected around campus.

Elsa was joining school this term and I was not looking forward to seeing her pretty, blonde face and lithe body causing trouble and consternation for me.

I had to admit that, even though she was my sister, she was bright and sexy and some of my male friends were already expressing more than a passing, unhealthy interest in seeing what was underneath her expensive clothes.

She was a real girly girl, always dressed up and looking exquisite, I would see her in cool lingerie and expensive undergarments and it often made me feel oddly peculiar. Mum didn’t help, she was always encouraging her to dress up and to be as feminine as she could be, in fact my mum actually made things worse as she was still, youthful, attractive and trendy in her own way as well.

She was always being teased when my friends came around and was especially jocular with my best buddy Todd, and although it was just joke banter, no one likes their buddies trying to hit on their mother!

I tried to put it all down to fun and either way I would be away at college soon so at least I could put my family behind me and get on with my life and further education far from my seemingly dysfunctional family.

A further problem at home was that my sister had a new friend called Jules who was annoyingly always around and frequently causing me irritation.

The girl was weird; she looked like Elsa, slim and petite and deceptively cute but with long dark blonde hair.

She was taller, more ungainly, awkward and, had bigger breasts!

Where Elsa was very feminine and fashionable Jules always looked unkempt, with jeans and a T-shirts and it was often hard for me to understand what they had in common?

But they were best friends and invariably when I was home Jules was there with her, locked away in Elsa’s garish pink room, giggling stupidly and childishly.

They both drove me mad and were so annoying and aggravating in their juvenile, feminine ways.

I also unfortunately had the embarrassment of often seeing my sister’s friend wandering through the house in just her tight underwear on the way to the bathroom and she secretly made my prick twitch.

In fact all the women around me were driving me insane!

Privately Jules also however made me somehow nervous as well; there was something strange about her, something unnatural and ethereal.

It was in her manner, her dark eyes and the strange twisted silver jewellery the always had around her neck or long fingers.

Sometimes just standing beside her seemed to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

I tried to keep out of their way but it was impossible, invariably and inevitably we would argue and things between the three of us were always pretty strained.

Typically, one night mum asked me to take them across town to the cinema, as they had no transport, and this was pretty inconvenient as I had a High School party to go to.

I objected and argued but to no avail as my mother insisted, as normal.

Elsa, seemingly always her favourite and getting her way.

I was therefore soon angrily punching the gas on the freeway to fulfil my family obligation and get back to where I wanted to be.

Jules was in the front with me and, I was arguing with her about some nonsense or other.

She, with her long straggly, curly hair and caustic attitude, just continually getting right under my skin.

As normal the altercation was puerile, regarding the way she looked or how she was infringing on my time and I was distracted when suddenly a lorry came out of no-where and careered towards us.

I instinctively slammed on the brakes, we all shot forward into the windscreen and the last thing I remember before I passed out was Jules’ soft warm hand touching mine.

I woke up in a daze, my head was terribly groggy and my mouth, paper dry.

I looked to my side and Elsa was in a bed beside me with a huge white and red bandage around her head.

I felt weird, in pain but strange, my hand moved to my chest and to my shock found something soft and spongy there.

I felt again, jumped as I found a thick nipple, felt a spark of a strange weird new sensation and realised I had developed breasts!

It was obviously a hallucination and I allowed myself thankfully to drift back into unconsciousness and awoke again to see Elsa looking at me concerned.

“Hi Jules…how are you feeling?”

I struggled to look around me and could not see any one else.

“Hi Jules…can you hear me?”

I blinked at her.

“Are you talking to me?”

My sister looked bemused.

“Who do you think I’m talking to?”

I reached to my chest and felt something, fleshy soft and warm there; was I still in a dream?

I spoke in panic.

“What’s happened?”

My voice sounded unusual but Elsa did not react as if it was.

My sister looked dreadful and traumatised, as if the bandages with dried blood all over them that bound her head, had been gained in fierce battle.

“We had a crash, my brother Guy is dead…we both have concussion and bruising…I think.”

I gulped in shock trying to understand what she was saying and hoping to return to a dormant state again where I did not have to deal with this new unacceptable reality and these increasingly strange sensations and horrible new revelations.

But I could not and inevitably my hand slipped down, to my naked crotch where I felt the fine hair and smoothness that was now there.

I withdrew it in horror but then let it return and exhaled in disbelief and traumatic shock.

“Oh my God!”


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