How to Give (& Get a) Head! – Daisy Boon

Sometimes failure or success in life can be just down to good fortune;
being in the right place at the right time. So it is for Elise, advice a young, healing
pretty, try disadvantaged girl who befriends and finds a bond with Francis.
But then she comes under the influence of Lillian – his only surviving
parent. Lillian has most unusual views, demands and expectations of her
son’s relationship with her…

Nothing is quite as it seems; a chance, brief interview and meeting
through Lillian, at the Gentleman’s Club where Lillian herself first
learned the lessons of marital obedience to her deceased husband Ted,
has, incredible, unexpected results! From this point each begins to
explore sexual realities and thereby develops debauched, formerly
unrecognised talents, compulsions and leanings. Events and fate take
each of them on a spectacular, physical and emotional voyage of
discovery that ultimately transforms all their lives, completely.

Sexy girls, unsure, femininely inclined boys, dominant men and
women, all sordidly and decadently, dirtily play and perform for you
under the bestselling guidance of Daisy Boon’s twisted mind and
exquisite hand. Fantastically chaotic, sexually charged adventure on every page!




I had just turned 18 when I first met Elise; she had just joined our class in the local Comprehensive school as I found out that she just arrived in the area.

I noticed her immediately as she appeared to be the only person here that seemed shyer than I was; Elise was also very pretty, with dark hair and inky, black eyes and was incredibly delicate and petite.

It took a day or two to pluck up the courage to speak to her and when I did she was receptive to me, and we quickly became friendly, being somehow similar and like minded.

She was intimidated by the shallow girls and boisterous over confident boys as I was, and we swiftly began to become something of a separate, reclusive item.

Unfortunately for her, she had lost her parents, years ago when she was only young and had moved here to be with her elderly grandmother as her Auntie could no longer afford to care for her.

Her life was a mess and although my own family, which was just my mother, as my own father had died a few years before, had also now fallen on hard, financial times; we were opulently rich compared to Elise!

Her home with her grandmother was a high rise on the nearby estate and she would spend more and more time at our small, family, rented terrace and seemed amazed at how luxurious she thought it was with the furnishings and all the room and available space.

It was my mother that came up with the idea of Elise moving in, and she sat down with us both one evening after school, and spoke about the possibility of it as if we were already adults.

My maternal parent was still attractive, with dark blonde hair and a lithe but rounded figure; I always looked on her for the guidance that she had provided constantly in my life, and she took Elise’s, delicate hand and spoke kindly to her,

“You’ve been seeing Francis for a while now, Elise…I am very broadminded and I am considering letting you stay here if you would like to, Dear.”

My girlfriend nodded shyly.

“That would be wonderful, Mrs Harris.”

My mother smiled disarmingly and gently.

“But we are not wealthy, Elise, so I would expect you to help and adhere to a few, simple rules.”

“Of course, Mrs Harris.”

My mother patted her chair, intimated for her to join her on the settee and spoke frankly and pointedly.

“As I mentioned, you and Francis have been dating for a while…?”

Daisy Boon – her latest bestseller.

Elise nodded sweetly and innocently as this was indeed the basis of our acquaintance we had enjoyed up to now; although privately we knew that we had not felt the need or urge for normal boyfriend, girlfriend intimacy or exploration, not that in truth I quite knew what that entailed.

My mother however simpered on, like sugar.

“Well I think under those circumstances that I will allow you to share the same room and…”

She looked directly at me then returned her energy to Elise.

“…I think it about time Francis placed his stamp on your association…in our family, My Dear, the men historically have always been very dominant with their wives and girlfriends.”

I flushed and blushed in shame in the fact she had been disappointed that up to now I had not been able to show and develop these masculine traits that she so admired, respected and had spoken of so many times about my father.

Elise, to my surprise, took no offence to her suggestions and spoke to her softly and without a trace of fight or disagreement.

“That’s fine, Mrs Harris…you and Francis have been very kind; I do love him and I’m happy that he takes control of me…and keep the family tradition… if I can….as…to be honest…”

She smiled shyly.

“…I have not had much success on my own up to now.”

My mother seemed delighted at her co-operation and receptiveness; she had wanted me to show my dominant side with a girl for so long now, and finally it seemed that with her involvement and assistance, she would have her way and wish.

She stroked Elise’s palm once more and continued on.

“So you will sleep with Francis and you will learn to please him and he will learn to dominate you and… I will expect you to help around the house… clean and cook as I request, address me at all times as, Mrs Harris…and…”

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