Day Job – Daisy Boon

Often a responsible married man must selflessly do whatever is needed merely to make ends meet.
If what is involved requires a stinging splash and sharp whip of shame or humiliation then – as someone that can look at the greater picture – a real man can selflessly endure, simply to meet the many financial realities.

This is even if the opportunity for the necessary fiscally-rewarding labours involves dressing up in provocative female clothing, as directed by a new blonde owner of the subversive company; the mature still fragrant but definitely-strange and demanding Mrs Meadows.

In spite of such suffering, a good husband and brave male soul can dutifully or admirably endure the ignominy of daily entering the office environment trying to look like a pretty young lady while blindly trying to ignore the increasingly disturbing fact that his innate sexual senses seem to uncertainly but unnervingly thrill to the luxurious feel of soft cotton, prickly lace and luscious nylon.

Bravely or resolutely Ken, at first, treads carefully along a slippery path to meet his obligations to be an equal money-earner to Janine – his beauteous wife – knowing full well that his enforced cross-dressing is merely a ploy, phase or temporary duty to get by, little realising this insidious path of feminisation is also a dangerously deep pit he is unwittingly but surely falling or careering into.

In all disconcerting truth, emerging flame-haired Katy is stoutly prepared for whatever mental dishonour and utter humbling that comes his way in having to put on comely teasing dresses, silky stockings and sensual colourful panties each morning for the day ahead but, what he is never ever ready for in any manner shape or form…is just how much his libidinous senses impossibly begins to enjoy and crave it!

Another literary exploration or intimate study into the mercurial world of feminisation – especially regarding the unwary male – from the deviant mind of much-heralded erotic author Daisy Boon who reveals, in delicious tacky detail, that once a sweet loving husband or sensitive man samples the divisive but then powerfully addictive pull of his emerging female side then invariably he must face if not girlishly embrace the inevitable truly salacious consequences.

If you enjoy the titillating thought of male perversion, submission and the mere decadent idea regarding a tortuous slide into all things fancy fabulous or feminine then this teasing tale is surely not to be missed.

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