Dirty Politics: How to climb the greasy pole

After a rigorous upbringing and idealistic education, Percival Druse knew exactly what was right with the world. And he felt it his absolute duty to defend it against all the faddish nonsense that characterised modern life. So a life of public service as a Conservative politician seemed his natural calling. However, it never occurred to Percival that he might find himself overtaken in this regard by his ambitious little sister, Mary.

Mary had no scruples about exploiting her femininity to get ahead; a low trick that made Percy’s blood boil. And he knew exactly where all that had started – the moment she had met the slutty, shamelessly immoral Tara Beckwith at finishing school.

Percy had never liked the way Tara’s dark eyes looked at him; that cold, predatory stare. He hadn’t liked the way the corner of her full, red mouth would turn up slightly as if an amusing thought had passed through her mind whenever she saw him. He never appreciated the weight of her silent contempt and suffocating malice.

But he did afterwards. 

Oh, he did so appreciate it afterwards. When his true education began….

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