Dumb Blonde – Ultimate Humiliation

Perhaps it’s simply a fault of youth that we like to see ourselves as grander and more impressive than we truly are, while in fairness some bravado or even a little ego is not normally considered such a bad trait. However golden-man Leon insufferably thinks of himself as utterly superior, something of a playboy with women – especially his long suffering fiancé Gwen – even though in truth and behind the thin façade he frankly understands next to nothing about the opposite sex.

Under normal circumstances this misguided male might have remained blinkered or left content in his blind ignorance had our antihero – by unfortunate chance – not met the sublime, teenage blonde Sera one evening who he unwisely chooses to challenge with regard to her unique and unusual views.

In spite of him presumptuously finding her incredibly vacuous, foolish and without a brain in her dizzy gorgeous head, this divine young woman indirectly introduces him to the insidious Boy Guides organisation she had tentatively formed and then – as she privately vows – subsequently with just a word, shimmy or a sly devastating smile proceeds over time to excruciatingly turn his formerly insular arrogant life up to now, completely inside out.

Compulsion or obsession is undeniably within us all; often it remains hidden or mercifully dormant but for Leon, this blonde beauty immediately brings out the very best or worst in his libidinous nature and soon almost willingly but devastatingly she tortuously leads him down an increasingly feminised, subjugated and submissive path.

High-flying Daisy Boon creates another succulently sordid tale or alternate universe of sexual endurance and delicious sufferance for men as they learn about the anguished joys or base pitfalls of increasingly being in service to the Alpha woman.If you are just merely curious or actively enjoy the subversive idea of an absolute female-led relationship, along with emasculation in every nuance or form, then you will surely revel in the sheer unadulterated male humiliation – at its most excruciating – contained within the graphic descriptive pages of the depraved, perverse or decadent story that lies ahead simply for your sullied pleasure and gratification.

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