Rebel! – Emlia Blythe

A dark, twisted, interracial tale that explains in entertaining and arousing detail, that sometimes what appears to be absolutely the wrong thing, can be the the right thing to do!

Once in a while you desire something so much that nothing else seems to matter. But then events take place and you realise that you never really wanted it in the first place….and what you never wanted at all is suddenly indispensable.

That’s how teenage love first began for young and innocent Joanne who desired David, the school heartthrob, more than she ever believed possible but then found things did not quite go to her juvenile plan.

Now grown up Joanne is living a sensible, cautious life. But is has not been easy being an unmarried parent in a tiny, judgemental community where such
happenings are perpetually frowned upon.

Her life is a difficult one and, while she wants a good relationship with her own teenage daughter, Jacqueline, ‘Jack’ for short, Joanne is absolutely determined that her girl will not make the same mistakes that she did, no matter what friction it causes between them.

This maternal concern is primarily centred upon a brooding, charismatic, mature, black male that temporarily rents the room upstairs in the house where Jack lives with her partner, Wade. She knows – knows for certain – from just an initial meeting and his furtive glances at him that this man is …trouble with a capital…T!

Feeling the regret from the immorality and naivety of her own teenage years, Joanne is therefore determined to protect her daughter. Knowing how her own mistakes turned out she will not allow the same thing to happen to her Jack.

However, Joanne has yet to fully realise her real mistakes….but she does so in devious, salacious and unforgettably spectacular fashion!

Another wonderfully, wicked, erotic and arousing story from the bestselling author, Emilia Blythe

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