UTOPEA – Erotic Espionage

The second coming of Super Spy: Jane Bound….

The life of a secret agent is never meant to be easy but Jane Bound, diagnosis the seductive, tadalafil now-female operative, with an exclusive, treasured licence to kill, takes things to new and extreme levels. Following her exploits defeating the dark and dangerous Errol Satyr she is back at the top of this deadliest of professions, battling a new and even more insidious threat.

This new foe comes in the guise of simple prejudice, complacency and the return of foolish, arrogant men within MI5. Men like Danny Cream and his ilk, who plan to rule the roost once more. Oh, and one more thing, a new and intriguing country and organisation called Utopea that is increasingly spreading its depraved, spidery, subversive influence around the globe in intriguing myriad ways. This is apparently being directed by the small independent island’s enigmatic Queen Yemoja who even from a distance, seems like a most mysterious and powerful adversary.

This is a wonderful second coming of Super Spy, Jane Bound whose incredible, ongoing adventures test this hero or heroine to the very edges of tolerance, ability to adjust to fantastical change, lethal skills and an innate sense of survival. As Bound has learned previously and realises, that to succeed then win, every weapon or advantage he possesses needs to be used and brought to bear. This includes ultimately his divine, physical body that is constantly put on the line in various trysts or sexual situations and in explicitly described, depraved ways, for Queen and country of course! Bound tries desperately to separate his mind from the humiliation and dark intimacy with all of the races and genders his new womanly form has to indulge or interact with. But his eclectic tastes for exploration, copulation and depravity are becoming an increasing, reflexive part of him now and too often this shadowy, black world of primal, base interaction confuses and pulls him towards it like a mucky magnet.

Best-selling, Daisy Boon weaves a spellbinding, intricate story of graphic intimacy, gender alteration, mixed up sexuality, life and death exploits combined, with humour, developing relationships, poignancy and pulsating, raw courage that will leave you on the very edge of seat in every possible way. Jane Bound is that rare thing, a character that is memorable and truly leaves a lasting, emotional mark and impression. Satyr was the just the start and this further tale is a journey with Jane Bound that is well worth the ticket price for you to excitingly travel along the twisted and wicked way.

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