King of the Cuckolds – Tiggy Mills Explicit cuckold story

A very explicit cuckold story.

explicit cuckold storyErotica on a grand scale from the bestselling imagination of Tiggy Mills. A frustrated wife gets more than she bargained for when she stumbles into a fantastical world ruled by a rich controlling man who introduces her to an unforgettable sexual adventure.

Karin is unhappy; she is young, purchase she is desperate; her marriage is crumbling around her and Andy, her husband, an ever-growing source of resentment and frustration. Karin is a woman unfulfilled in every way, especially sexually, and at the age of 22 thinks that an orgasm for a woman is an urban myth!

From her first conversation with the local Help Group she realizes that her problems are not at all unusual. Initially all she wanted was some help or some solution to enable her and Andy to live a normal life, but from the outset she discovers more – a lot more – than she had ever bargained for.

This is a story that takes Karin from a shy innocent girl to a lustful, needful, sexually aware woman, unafraid and ready to seek and embrace the new life she accidentally discovers. Fate delivers her to the court of the ‘King of the Cuckolds’, a wealthy and powerful man, where sexually adventurous women and their weak husbands crave to serve. It is a world sexual deviance, decadence and depravity – being accepted by the King means total degradation for both her and her husband as they are made to submit to humiliation by their Master. But sometimes true pure submission and devotion can have unexpected results and Karin finds pleasure, realization, satisfaction and fulfilment in ways she never expected.

It will take you from the gentle warm environment of Florida to the Middle East and is an extraordinary journey of sexual exploration and spiritual discovery. Share the unbelievable ride with Karin and discover just what it means to serve within the fantastic surreal world of the King of the Cuckolds!

Explicit content: Word Count: 45,254



I knew the marriage was in trouble; I had known for months. Andy and I had drifted apart and after only 3 years together I felt I had reached the point where it was time to call it a day.

Andy had been my first and only boyfriend, we began dating at seventeen and after a 2 year courtship we married.

We lived in Florida, Andy’s family had money; I did some local work for one of the realtors and unfortunately my life was dead. I was unhappy, depressed and looked at the advert in the local paper with increasing desperation and casual curiosity.

I had seen it many times but not paid much notice.

‘Women… are you happy with your marriage? No…then come and see us…Call Women’s-Way…Now!’

A number was listed and I dialled it almost absentmindedly, I knew they couldn’t help me, no one could, but I needed to talk to someone, anyone! I placed the receiver to my ear expecting nothing and to my surprise it was answered immediately by a calm soothing voice.

“Women’s Way…can I help you?”

I was taken a little off my guard.

“Yes…I saw your advert.”

There was a short silence.

“Are you unhappy madam?”

I was frantic, just to talk, and spoke honestly as if I was making a revelation to a psychiatrist.

“Yes, I am.”

The soft voice spoke.

“I’ll put you through.”

I felt like such a fool I had been talking to the receptionist! A new feminine voice appeared; it was bright and lively.

“Hello…who’s speaking?”

I resisted the urge to turn the phone off.

“My name is Karin…I need help.”

Silence again then continuation.

“Do you dear? How old are you?”


The questions were suddenly prompt like staccato

“Money problems?”


“Does he beat you?”


“Bully you?”


“Play golf?”


“Then it’s sex…yes?”

I went quiet and I heard the woman inhale and rest.

“Sex…then we can help you.”

I was taken aback.

“How do you know?”

Her voice had smoothness about it and it made me feel strangely trustful.

“I just do dear…experience.”

I spoke like a needy child.

“Will you come and see me?”

“Yes…tomorrow…give me your address.”

I could have stopped at that point but I had begun and it was not in my nature to turn back.

“20 Ocean Drive.”

I was shaking but she was irresistibly calm again

“Very nice dear I’ll come and see if you are suited to join our group and whether we can help you…you need to tell your husband you are seeking advice…I will probably have to involve him at some stage.”

She was so confident and it reassured me a little.

“Oh…what is your name…please?”


I wanted to ask if it was short for Patricia or Petunia but she was sharp and to the point.

“See you tomorrow…1 p.m.”***

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