Failing a Masters

..while gaining an education…

It is all too easy for expectant young girls full of fanciful, whimsical dreams to get trapped by mistaken choices in life and grow older before their time thereby feeling resentful and ultimately cynical that the universe has unfairly conspired against them.

So it is for Hannah Lacey, who is firmly on the wrong side of thirty-five and has nothing to show for her innumerable years of toil and efforts but a brief failed marriage, a missed wasted career, and a disaffected effeminate only male child that she has always struggled to communicate with for multiple unmentionable reasons,

When her estranged son leaves for university, it seems at long last that there may be a small opening for a new start with the multinational company – that has employed her on a temporary basis for many years – but where regrettably, despite an academic degree and boundless acumen, she is on the lowest rung of the highest ladder.

However – and true to her miserable form in everything – almost immediately there is a perverse obstacle thrown unfairly in the way by her supercilious boss meaning that in all truth there appears no obvious moral or ethical solution for Hannah given what is outrageously demanded.

Stubborn principle or pride, that has always gloomily illuminated the path up to now, subsequently takes her on an initial step backwards to undertake the crammed business Masters now required by her predatory superior. before most unexpectedly, a fine sprinkling of divine depraved providence takes a fateful hand.

This is through a handsome but unscrupulous apparently seedy friend of her son’s called Harrison Brady, who her sensible head secretly despises then firmly resits until eventually she succumbs to his surreal sullied ideas before finding – almost impossibly – the sensual and sexual enlightenment her body and mind always needed but would never have found or realised existed in a thousand years without this nefarious influence.

Sometimes a truly useful education is not taught at school or written in mere textbooks but somewhere in the innumerable often mysterious dark stars because certain – often veiled – knowledge concerning base intimacy and the tricky or often tawdry ties between the sexes is never quite what you presume or expect it to be!

Revered, Emilia Blythe is back with a bang and more insightful, then intimately vividly descriptive than ever, as she takes us on another erotic journey concerning a mature woman’s myriad trials and troubles in traversing the often-treacherous path through the lewd labyrinth of a another – not so rare – traumatic female life.

This is to hopefully and deservingly come out on the other side of such a feminine unfathomable maze, to sit surely then squarely within the driving seat that leads towards physical fulfilment, confidence, or success that her revived resurrected spirit and soul is determined to now grasp with both informed, rapacious hands.

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