Father of the Groom

The sensation of overwhelming guilt due to inherent sexual urges undeniably exists in us all and things have been this way seemingly forever.

It does not apply simply to one particular fetish and proclivity but covers a huge spectrum of compulsions or desires and is often seen as the root cause of myriad problems or inhibitions that affect so many lives.

These subtle facts are undeniably part of the human condition and evoke powerful, often difficult emotions that make so many of us strive to be normal when such a fine line in the libidinous sands of nature has never been equitably established, measured or drawn.

In our tall story, Tony tries to deal with his inbuilt, active feminine side or girlish inclinations that have existed or troubled him from childhood and through some prescient adjustment or interference from his parents manages to find a wife before, by some miracle, then producing a child as well.

But of course his relationship inevitably all goes wrong, because the connection is founded on a lie, and eventually he finds that adopting an asexual existence is easier and less painful to bear.

This proves to be a fine solution for many years until unexpectedly his estranged teenage son Paul comes to stay – because his ex-wife has remarried then abandons the young man – and he has no choice but to let him remain.

Tony subsequently is despairingly forced to notice in front of his very nose the many familiar reveals or signs of female tendency in his own offspring that were inside him at that age – secretly if not achingly they still are – and is then set determined to help in this troublesome regard but not to make the same misguided errors relating to this delicate issue as his mother and father undoubtedly did with him.

Without question this certainly proves to be the case although unfortunately, through trying to assist his precious boy, Tony in fact makes a whole catalogue of fresh mistakes that leads both him – along with his much beloved child – down definitely different but intensely sexual and sensual paths.

Best selling Daisy Boon provides another humorous, mind-altering, cross-dressing, mixed-gendered, transgendered, sexually charged tale; written with a depravedly decadent and salacious eye for descriptive detail concerning the most arousing and titillating adventures with the all of the addictive angst and humiliation endlessly endured as our hero or blushing heroine goes in search of an exotic, erotic and fulfilling happy ending.


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