The Firm: …not a company…but a calling

Everyone has the inherent capacity to be weak or strong. From childhood through to adolescence then full maturity, the surging internal mixture of emotions or reactions to myriad matters or intimate partners is ever present and rears its various heads in often difficult or differing ways.
Many assume that adults in either gender have one particular bent to their character or personality – especially where sexuality is concerned – and a man or woman is either a Top or Bottom, submissive or dominant where in all reality often the truth lies somewhere deeply buried between the two polarised points.
In our explicit, illicit story, written from the two perspectives, Benjamin never thinks of himself in those simplistic, divisive terms; as with his life to date, he just gets carried along with events and then beauteous boss Grace Washington who appears to be his perfect, pure, seemingly unattainable dream girl.
However, like this admirer with all his puppy-dog enthusiasm for her, she is also secretly conflicted and an eventual choice emerges for them between a comfortable if not sedentary existence or becoming an active, disreputable part of a huge, subversive world-wide business organisation that seeks to seduce or ensnare both her and Benjamin in an unspeakable, depraved, perverse arrangement.
Best selling erotic author Tiggy Mills soon gets the sexual sparks flying in all manner of sensual and sordid directions as both Grace and her male subordinate weave their way through a moral and sullied maze or swamp to truly discover ever more about what their true nature or sensual, sexual calling is.
It is said or written, “You can’t have it all,” but sometimes to try to gorge on every luscious, physical or fiscal temptation life has to offer proves irresistible; as our subjects discover it is often a salacious and tortuous path to travel.

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