A Good Man is Hard to Find…

Can you really have your cake and eat it as well?
Still desirable Elizabeth, in her late thirties, is at a crossroads. She is divorced, childless almost penniless; her life is just scraping along and feels most frighteningly that old age is fast approaching. The present boyfriend, or now fiancé, is an old flame or perhaps a former, damp squib with whom she has shared a colourful but most unusual past sexual history with, as she had been forced to place her girlish pride and body on the line to protect him many times over.
But the middle-aged woman is privately desperate for some security or possible love and is increasingly prepared to overlook his obvious weaknesses although unfortunately fails to see her own shortcomings or perhaps the fact they are more seedily conjoined or linked that she realises. A holiday occurs where eager Simon takes her to Henri’s – his superior, enigmatic, female Boss’s – apartment in Spain and by probable fate or mere chance, surreal events occur that sets them on a dangerous, subversive and salacious path.
Obligations are suddenly, unreasonably – in her view – placed upon Elizabeth that are difficult to accept, but between Henri’s demands or authority regarding her precocious daughter, Emma, who Simon is instructed to protect, she soon has no choice but to act in the most bizarre, immoral and debased manner possible.
Sexual depravity, promiscuity, deceit and mischief abound causing Elizabeth to get embroiled in a situation that is truly perverse but, then again, is also strangely familiar in ways she will only come to recognise in due course.
A truly electric, inventive and erotic journey concerning an older female trying to find a new way in the world when disappointingly, the regular or more moralistic patterns of existence up to now have never worked out in her favour.
Bestselling, Emilia Blythe creates and spins another explicit, devious and delicious tale, as she graphically describes then explains the relative merits of a woman’s choice between a good or a bad man and reveals, as only she can, that sometimes the best option is to perhaps find a devious but secretly sumptuous way…to have both!



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