Honey Trap – whores for the cause

Ambition is normally an admirable characteristic but, without question, occasionally it can be taken much too far.
Liam – along with his fiancé Peyton – is determined to become a special secret agent but, despite real efforts to make the grade at the training boot-camp, falls short of the necessary level expected. The only twisted road remaining open to continue his dreams is to join the new Honey Trap division that is already operational and running.
Unknown to him, Liam already possesses many inherent qualities or instinctive tools for this divisive trade because in the changing enlightened world of sensual espionage it seems tastes have altered substantially, and the questionable flavour or lure of the moment is pretty boys with a definite feminine bent.
The surreal gauntlet is laid down by their boss, Bethany, and – at first – reluctantly picked up by Peyton then nervous Liam who despite his reservations quickly strangely discovers he has a real flair or even penchant for dressing in female clothing and looking more seductively cute as a girl than he ever realised.
After many trials, tribulations and unspeakable humiliations improbably Liam as Lea becomes a qualified operative at which remarkable point – fully armed and looking fabulous – he is entrusted with a dangerous mission within the heart of the unstable Middle-East to find out why all the other Honey Trap agents in the vicinity have gone worryingly dark.
His main if not only asset to succeed is the now toned, physically enhanced and honed ability to be the sweet bait to attract the debased men or women that enjoy what he has to sexually offer, and this ultimate adventure as graphically detailed by best-selling Daisy Boon, is an unforgettably sleazy depraved sissy journey.
Sometimes to win and be the very best you have to be tough, but increasingly in the modern world of spying, subterfuge and the intelligence game may be all it takes – as Lea tortuously learns – is to put on your best short dress then lacy lingerie with high heels and energetically get down and dirty.
It’s a mercurial, illicit, depraved and outrageously seedy tale of feminisation then sexual deviance for the erotically brave or sensually curious and is definitely a tawdry treat not to be missed.

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