ICE QUEEN – Tiggy Mills

Often in nature, the brightest, most attractive plants or animals can prove to be the most dangerous or deadly of their species, as it is so often of the fairer sex in human life. This is especially true in the case of the spectacular Angela, still in her teenage years; blonde, distant, unattainable, virginal, cool, enigmatic and beyond beautiful. The immature, local wealthy landowner of the village sees her and of course, wants to own and dominate this woman and after a short, difficult pursuit or courtship finally claims his female prize in marriage. But that is when the difficulties truly begin because this girl is cold and dispassionate and where the first honeymoon proves problematic, a second honeymoon is when – in his crazed lust or desperation to melt her glacial heart and manner – things really twist or then turn crazy and get totally out of control.
A tortuous time then entangles or captures them both and takes them on an erotic, depraved voyage of discovery or adventure to try to understand the sexual repression or demons that have emerged; once they have made the first tentative almost innocuous steps in this direction, the couple fall too easily into depravity or decadence as though such an eventuality had been pre-ordained.
If you want to find out if Rex finally finds the elusive key to unlock the icy nature or heart of his luscious wife then it is all laid out here before you in the most detailed and sexually graphic way by the best-selling author Tiggy Mills.
She spins another tortuous, fantastically arousing tale of a mercurial wife and a long-suffering, frequently humiliated husband who eventually has to risk all to try and melt this frozen female, he has perhaps unwisely made his own, and hopefully find the warm woman he loves and craves her to be below the frosty surface.
A real, evocative, lascivious page turner!


kindle erotica

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