Inside My Sister’s HEAD – Daisy Boon

Siblings are always bound together; and brother and sister especially so, but few are as connected as twins, Paul and Jennie. They entered the world in mystical and ethereal circumstances and the tie is not simply flesh or blood but something far more magical and mysterious. It is soon apparent that somehow their minds are connected in a unique and incredible way.
AS they begin to share the pain and joys of developing as each other, for Paul in particular, this process is the start of an increasingly, irresistible opportunity and journey. Almost immediately, he finds the pull of his sister’s beauteous form begins to overpower his fragile, impressionable mind.
Without meaning to he discovers, through incredible circumstances what it is physically and emotionally like to be her; to be an emerging, growing girl from childhood, through to pubescence, adolescence and ultimately, final maturity.
What begins as an innocuous game eventually becomes far more serious, insidious and fateful for them both!
Daisy Boon provides another deviant, divisive, emotional tale as she explores the seductive pressures and attraction from an impressionable, young boy’s perspective, who is given the opportunity 19515622_mlto experience the exquisite, unique experience of being female for…just a while!
Who amongst us would not take that fantastical chance to explore their feminine side in such a way, whatever the pitfalls or dangers? Very few I think!
The X chromosome; we are more alike than we think. The difference between male and female is a single chromosome the subtle link between domination and submission or humiliation and satisfaction



They say on the day I was brought into this world the silvery moon was at its zenith and pinnacle in the bright, star studded, winter sky.

I was born a second before my twin sister as the bells rang out softly but sharply in the local church to proclaim midnight.

It was icily cold and still, and there was a silence over the small village that seemed unnatural to the few inhabitants that lived there.

When my sister and I were produced from our mother’s womb, as we were later informed, we were joined together but it was not by skin; our connection was like a thin, mercurial, translucent whisper of luminous thread that seemed to run from the very centre of both our foreheads.

We lay in our cot side by side and I was told that the tiny faint bridge we had between us, glowed like a spider’s web on a frosty, winter morning for a full week, after which it disappeared and was never thought of again.

That was apart from between Jennie and me of course.

The physical bond and tie we were initially given somehow permeated us both and even in our formative, baby years it seemed strangely that we could almost read and sense each other’s minds or thoughts.

I often had the weirdest feelings of sometimes seeing the world through her eyes, although it was just hazy flashes and feelings that all seemed to tumble and jumble in my young, mixed up head.

Then we were children and, as the twins we were, attended the small, local junior school; we were very close and tended to spend a lot of time together becoming almost inseparable or indivisible.

We would study, play and explore the local countryside as one and Jennie was always the stronger of the two of us; by far the more free, fearless and possessing an undoubted, adventurous spirit.

She loved exploration or danger and often when at the top of a tree or the side of a sheer cliff she would stare at me directly and, in that manic instant, I was somehow inside her mind and momentarily sharing the thrill and the spirited flush then rush of adrenaline that she was feeling.

We spoke about it and seemed to accept that it was a small, peculiar gift that we both recognised; to begin with it was only fleeting and, sharing the odd experience or moment was something we both secretly enjoyed.

Occasionally we would argue and fight but I was no match for her even though we were identical sizes and shape; Jennie would often tumble and wrestle with me then pin me to the ground, sitting on me dominantly.

On one occasion as if in reaction to my annoyance and frustration, my mind unnervingly went into hers completely then weirdly, I saw myself lying beneath my new female form, unable to move and bizarrely my own physical, projected power was from Jennie’s, slender, wiry hands, wrists arms and muscles!

It was intoxicating but almost immediately I lost the sensation and then went back into my own body but I looked up at her timidly as she stroked my short, blonde hair gently in comprehension and understanding of what had just mysteriously transpired between us then laughed softly.

“You are the weaker one…Paul!”

I tried to move or crawl out from under her strength and weight but could not as she sat demandingly astride my chest and pressed down on me tightly with her sharp, pointed knees.

“Say you submit to me, Paul!”

The pain seared me and I cried out for mercy and pity.

“Please, Jennie…you’re hurting me!”

Her energy held me even more firmly and she seemed to genuinely relish and enjoy her power and authority over me.

“Then tell me I am in charge, Paul.”

The agony was so sharp and although I tried to resist, soon cried out in helplessness and anguish as she had requested then instructed me.

“Stop, I submit…you are stronger, Jennie…let me go.”

She smiled in satisfaction and only then released my arms.

“Good…remember that you have!”

We were only 8 years of age at the time and playing a stupid, childish, juvenile game but from that moment I seemed to accept that my mercurial sister was the leader and looking back it seemed as if that was the natural course or way things were meant to be between us.

I studied hard as I was initially more focussed educationally than Jennie and there came a point when we were both 11 years old that we had to take the entrance exam for the local Grammar, educational establishment.

There was a school for the girls and one for the boys; I sat my exam a week before the test for my sister and breezed the papers; it was easy for me as I was exceedingly quick minded and bright.

My sibling was clever but not as yet scholarly and the night before the assessment of her academic prowess, she came into my room and sat purposefully on the bed; her lengthy, blonde hair fell down and her blue eyes, that matched mine, stared at me intently.


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