The Nigerian – Kindle erotica from Tiggy Mills

New on Kindle erotica! A full-on, more about hard-hitting cautionary tale from the best-selling pen and twisted imagination of Tiggy Mills. The story of a weak-willed man who loses his daughter, help his wife, advice his self-respect, his family and then terribly even more to a powerful Nigerian who uses all the women of the family. It is a story of sexual submission, abject degradation and complete domination that pushes the boundaries of interracial humiliation.

A moment of indecision or timidity can start a chain of events that seem to just evolve by themselves. Tony was a weak man and his weakness led him to make one small mistake that allowed the black Nigerian boyfriend of his young daughter to gain control of his household. Not just his daughter, but his needful wife Janet and then, one by one the rest of the females in his family. It seemed impossible but he was a Nigerian prince, and had an irresistible sexual power over women. It was his custom and delight to take and service all females in his brood – and he does with zeal relish and a sexual power that left all the women helpless

Ultimately it is a story about trust which asks the question: can woman really put her faith in a handsome and powerful black prince from Nigeria just because he fucks her like a black god?

Well maybe…but sometimes it is not such a good idea…

Over 18 only: strong interracial content.

Word count: 24,932:


I never believed I was racist until Tammy bought her new boyfriend home from college for a sleepover. His name was Jason, six feet of clean cut handsome pure Nigerian muscle who pumped my hand furiously as we met.

Janet, my wife, seemed quite taken with him and listened intently as he recounted stories of his homeland where he was, supposedly, some type of local prince. I know she had always encouraged our 18-year old daughter to have a free attitude towards sex but did she not realise that this towering young black man intended to take our little blonde daughter up to her room and fuck her in the room next door to ours!

Tammy was in a short red skirt, a tight white top with too much make-up on her face and looked young and pretty. Janet was dressed conservatively in grey trousers and a baggy sweater and she gestured to us all to sit around the prepared table to eat. Jason smiled and spoke to my wife gently; his dark eyes focussed on her almost hypnotically.

“May I ask you to change please Janet…in my culture a woman should not cover herself before her man and especially at meal times!”

She looked at him somewhat shocked and surprised but mildly amused.

“Why is that?”

“Because it heightens the senses and the appetite.”

She laughed at him.

“That’s such nonsense Jason…you are in England now…we do not operate such archaic silly traditions.”

The young man however did not accept her argument and persisted.

“I’m sorry Janet…I do not wish to appear rude but it is a man’s right and… I am sure your husband would agree with me…he is the leader of the family.”

He looked at me and I nodded stupidly. I was leader of my family or liked to think I was, as Janet was fairly demanding!

However the conversation continued and I could see Jason, becoming annoyed with my wife’s disrespect of his request and wishes. He stared at me finally in frustration.

“Tell your wife to change please Tony or I must depart.”

I saw my daughter becoming nervous at the fraught atmosphere and did not wish to embarrass her in front of her new boyfriend. It wasn’t such a huge thing to ask for and it did seem to be his custom after all!

“Perhaps you should change darling…we don’t want a scene do we?”

She looked at me as if I was mad.


I wanted to appear strong in front of this powerful and intimidating young man and I spoke with an authority I really never truly possessed with Janet.

“Darling I am in charge…Jason is right, now do not make a fuss just change…please dear…don’t argue, then we can all have dinner.”

She stared at me and rose in silent fury.

“Fine… if that is what you want and… we do not want to upset Jason do we?”

Tammy went upstairs with her mother to appease her anger and Jason looked at me and displayed his brilliant white teeth in satisfaction.

“It is good that the head controls his family…your wife is pretty she should be uncovered.”

“I suppose but…”

Jason interrupted me his confidence and authority knowing no boundaries.

“No buts… the head of the family must take control…of his women…my father controlled over 100 women in my tribe.”

I went to argue but stopped speaking as my wife walked forcefully back into the dining room. She was dressed in a short black skirt, nylons with suspenders and a red tank top that clung to her substantial uncovered breasts, showing her quite prominent nipples.  She had covered her lips with red lipstick, smeared her face with rouge and stood before Jason provocatively.

“Is this alright Jason?”

He perused her slowly; she theatrically turned around bent forward and raised her skirt a little to show her tiny black pants covering her bottom.

“That is fine Janet…you look lovely and now I have an appetite.”

I noticed my wife blush bright crimson and she looked at me and spoke with deep dark, sarcasm.

“Good Jason is happy, are you darling?”

I nodded stupidly and although I knew she was doing this to teach me a lesson I could sense she was excited and enjoying the dressing up in some strange way.  I felt my body pulse and realised somehow we both were.

She served the food and I noticed that at every opportunity she would bend over to show her knickers or her protruding breasts.  Jason ate heartily, smiled broadly and took the opportunity to leer at her brazenness much to my distress. Finally we were finished and after some wine we sat around the table and Jason’s dark mesmerising globes looked at me.


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