A Father’s Concern

Being a parent is never easy. Having the responsibilities of a father is especially hard when your beautiful but precocious daughter is the product of a first, failed marriage and you have a new, young wife to cope with as well. This is the dilemma for George whose wayward child, Charlene, is something of a handful and he has to contend with both her wilful ways along with trying to keep his new partner, Leslie, happy as well. Relationships become further pressurised or strained when Charlene brings her wealthy, supercilious, black boyfriend, Raybon into the home. He quickly disturbs and deviously dominates the two women living there; then George as well with his supposed primitive, tribal traditions and unusual, insidious, perverse ways.
George desperately wishes to be the true, dependable father he has never quite succeeded to be with his child, but secretly is she really his? And what happens when the supposedly naïve Charlene visits her boyfriend’s home in darkest Africa and suddenly, worryingly becomes horrifyingly engaged to the mature, polygamous King of this debauched land.
Only then courageously, or perhaps foolishly, George risks everything to rescue her from a wasted life in service to a predatory, elder, black monarch only to find that perhaps he has gambled his marriage, his sanity and soul as well by agreeing to demeaning and humbling terms with Raybon regarding intimate even seedy matters regarding his wife. In his all consuming worry, he sees this as the only way to gain the access he needs to visit his daughter and rescue her; but in the end perhaps is it George that ultimately needs saving?
A tantalising tale related from the subtly different perspectives of both husband and wife, of cuckoldry, sexual submission, humiliation, primitive intimacy and decadence from the well respected, best selling storyteller, Tiggy Mills. It describes in teasing, sometimes tortuously graphic detail that occasionally trying to do the self-sacrificing right thing by your supposed daughter concerning her wicked and unacceptable love life, can be a huge and eternal mistake.

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