Wife Switch by Tiggy Mills – Interracial Cuckold story

Highly charged Interracial Cuckold story. What does it take for life to change? What does it take for an introverted shy wife to become a slut? Or her husband to be humbled and humiliated? Sometimes it can be something innocuous and simple. For Helen and Graham it was a discreet advert, medicine an innocent adventure which would open the door into a dark world of sexual discovery.

Share the journey with them as they learn about themselves and their emerging needs within their marriage. Discover as they do, whether their individual slide into depravity will cause them to split apart or ultimately bring them closer together. If you like sexual frission and tension to leap off the page then this story is for you.

Over 18 only. Features explicit sexual content. Cuckold. Interracial. Word count: 23,721


Graham saw the advert first. A small box advert in the mail. It was innocuous and had a tiny banner headline ‘Wife Switch’ then underneath a brief description of the type of couple they were looking for to take part in a documentary about human behaviour. Graham saw they were seeking newly married couples, together over 4 years, no children and wishing to discover more about their relationship.

Graham acknowledged that this fitted his marriage to Helen. They were both 23, he being a few months older and they were happy but had talked about how their marriage would develop over the years. He showed the advert to his wife sitting in the chair beside him and she looked at him curiously.

“I’ve seen the show its good but don’t know what they would want with us, we’ve got no children…yet!”

“This is no kids…Just thought it might be interesting Helen…you know explore ourselves a bit whilst we’re young…in the programme the couples certainly will discover things about their lives.”

“Well you can phone if you want…but… I’m not sure I want to meet another man…you’re the only boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

Graham looked at his wife she was petite and extremely pretty. Long, dark hair framed a soft face and her soulful eyes gave an indication into her innocent demeanour.

“It might be fun, it’s on television so it can’t be bad…can it?” he said cautiously.

“Well phone up and let’s see…we can always say no,” she shrugged

Graham dialled the number on the advert and left some details while Helen sipped her coffee and surveyed him curiously. They forgot all about it until a letter arrived a few days later asking them to attend an interview in central London. They phoned the number and a lively girl confirmed an appointment early on Saturday in an upmarket office in the West End.

The more Graham had discussed it with her the more Helen had become curious. She decided a little adventure on television may be good for her soul and maybe a change of scene might suit her for a few days, see how someone else would live. Life at the flat had become a bit boring recently, they had always got on but sometimes Graham just drove her a bit mad, he was always so obsessive about things.

They entered the office together and a receptionist ushered them into a rear room where a man in a smart grey suit was waiting.

“Welcome,” he smiled “sit…please.”

They saw dotted around the room still photographs of other couples and magazine covers for the series and they both had a sudden rush of excitement.

The man was enthusiastic “I can see that you would be good for the programme…can I explain what we are looking for?”

They both nodded.

“Human relationships, how people react to new situations…something that makes the blood run and stretches you.”

“What do you mean exactly?” Graham said.

“You’ve seen wife switch? Of course you have…well that’s with children but this is just the adults, you change lives for a week and see how someone else lives. Live with a new husband or wife.”


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