The Princess and the PORNSTAR – interracial humiliation story

Interracial humiliation story.

Princess Maria is a beautiful, page young, web frustrated, sexually awakening princess locked in the gilded cage of royal privilege. It is an existence she is desperate to escape from to explore all the possibilities life has to offer. In this twisted tale of interracial debauchery this Princess invents a daring pretext to invite her favourite, secret porn star, to come up and see her. But it just so happens that this girl – Tali – looks exactly like the virginal Princess herself…
What takes place when they meet is inevitable, but what evolves afterwards is not! The plot spirals and becomes a deliciously sordid, sexually deviant, powerfully erotic, interracial story that never happened in any fairy tale you’ve ever read.
3491694_lsssssssThe best selling Tiggy Mills, at her demonic, twisted, interracial best…a salacious treat!


Princess Maria focussed intently on the T.V screen in front of her; a young lady with bright, blonde, shiny hair was performing oral sex expertly and lasciviously on a large, black, pulsating cock.

She was licking the knob of it as though it was a delicacy and looking up at him occasionally to see the effect she was having on the powerfully framed, virile, black male with a bald dome and an evil, sneering smile.

A hand appeared on the screen to force her mouth fully over the swollen appendage and the picture panned back to reveal another well endowed black man about to insert himself in her most sensitive, salivating and slippery personal part.

The young girl in the interracial mix smiled and groaned with pleasure as it was inserted inside her; she began to lick the delicious penis in her mouth with extra adoration and vigour as one of the shadowy studs, grunted crudely and disrespectfully at his partner.

“She’s a real slut!”

The other man nodded with sinister intent and laughed as he took her hips in his large dangerous hands, moved his hips urgently and fucked her harder and faster.

“Just loves black dick; don’t you bitch?”

He grumbled and sneered as they continued to take their foul, debasing pleasure of the seemingly innocent, young woman.

After a few minutes and another variety of positions both men were climaxing as the unfortunate girl in the film held their dark, pulsing, dangerous erections close beside her open, delicate, perfect, pretty face.

Princess Maria was now extremely red and flushed, sensing her libido surging and raging, and she stopped and froze the picture just at the very point where the two black, devilish males released and climaxed.

She saw clearly, in the freeze frame, the white, erupting sperm spurting from the tip of one of the coal black penises and could see the look of perverse, shock, pleasure and expectation clearly visible on the actress’s, innocent round face.

She observed her slim petite body, blonde hair and blue eyes and the princess noticed again how weirdly, absurdly, similar she looked to herself.

She sighed deeply, relaxed back onto her soft bed, turned the DVD off, closed her eyes and revelled and savoured the womanly arousal and erotic feelings, flushing and flowing through her.

It was the same each time she saw one of this girls’ videos, and each time she did so, the princess privately, secretly and disgustingly ached and longed to be the actual performing star on the screen.

Princess Maria was just eighteen and she had lived in the palace or at private school all her youthful, cosseted, innocent life.

In recent years, as was normal with girls of her age, she had become extremely interested in men and given that her developing libido was raging off the scale; sex more sex and sex, in general!

Unfortunately for her, such adventure was mere fantasy, as being a royal princess she never had the dubious opportunity of meeting anyone she considered arousing and exciting or venture, where she could explore her emerging femininity.

Her secretive, furtive pleasure was therefore to frequently watch pornographic films where she imagined terribly, she was the promiscuous, leading lady and relish the exciting sensations it created in her nubile, young, virginal body.

It was a harmless enough daydream but one that allowed her some release for her imagination and from her ever growing, pent up sexual frustrations.

In viewing various films that were smuggled to her by her ex-schoolmates, one porn star in particular was her favourite.

Tali, was her screen name and she, out of all the murky, mucky stars Maria saw, looked as though she enjoyed sex the most, and the one person she could most identify and connect with.

Also this girl looked weirdly and amazingly like the princess and it was extremely easy to let her whimsy transport her into the girl’s sordid, film persona.

Princess Maria desperately wanted to know what life and sex especially, was all about, and resolved on that day to write to this girl on some pretext or another and, invite her to the palace for tea and a chat.

It seemed an innocent and innocuous plan but Maria was secretly hoping that her guest would reveal some of the hidden, demonic facts, about love and life and sexuality that she was so obviously and painfully ignorant of.

Sometimes she felt so absurd and ridiculous to be so naïve and unaware at her maturing age.

She longed for the girl to tell and reveal to her just what it felt to be fucked and treated like a whore.

It sounded terrible but she craved to know; the films were informative and stirred her libido and female awakening spirit, but she constantly craved to fully understand more and more now.

Life as a member of royalty and as a lady was proving to be unfortunately, very boring and wearisome indeed for her.

The Princess sat at her desk and although she was a proficient and eloquent writer, it took her an hour to compose the following short note; it read.


Dear Tali

I would like you to visit me at the palace on Thursday at 3 o’clock for tea. I feel there is a service you can do on my behalf but I will explain further when we meet.

I look forward to seeing you then.


Princess Maria

Kensington Palace


The princess looked at what she had written and although she felt it was somewhat inadequate decided, it was the best she could do and placed it in one of her bright yellow, personalised envelopes with the royal crest.

She addressed it to the London Production Company listed on the films and passed it to her lady in waiting, for posting.

As the prim, grey-haired, middle aged woman walked out of her ornate room with the letter, the princess smiled as she knew how horrified she would be if she new who it was going to, and the personal invitation it contained.

Maria entered her guest’s name in her social diary, on the unlikely off-chance that this unknown girl would attend as requested, and under job description for her guest she wrote down charity worker, just to amuse herself.

She giggled to herself as she decided porn star would not be quite appropriate!

Tali, whose real name was the less glamorous title of Mandy Downing, received the card the following morning and stared at the request and summons to appear at the palace in disbelief, and assumed it to be an ill judged, practical joke.

Her natural feminine curiosity however made her telephone the number on the card and was astounded to be connected immediately.

She was politely informed by a sharp, perfectly spoken female voice on the end of the line, that she was indeed expected on Thursday at Kensington Palace.

The girl was dumbstruck but kept her composure enough to inform the person she was talking to that she would be able to attend and to please pass the message on to the royal Princess Maria.

Tali the porn star, quickly realised that this was much too exciting an opportunity for a common ordinary girl like her to ignore; a tea date with a real, live, famous princess; it was just unmissable!

On Thursday Tali, as she had promised, drove herself across town, through the magnificent main palace entrance gates and then was ultimately ushered, by a smart, haughty and intimidating lady in waiting, into a beautiful reception room, where she just stood and stared around her in utter awe.

The walls were lined with fabulous antique paintings and the ceilings were a mixture of frescos and intricate coving and decoration.

It was all breathtaking and exquisite and far beyond the young girls experience, after a childhood and adolescence in the deprived, disadvantaged, back streets of Bradford.

“The Princess will be with you directly.”

Her focus, concentration and inspection of the surroundings was broken, as she was informed this by same snooty woman that had met her earlier, and sure enough, in a matter of a few seconds Princess Maria regally entered the hall.

She was dressed elegantly in a light, pale blue suit, with a pencil skirt and white shirt, her appearance being enhanced with a beautiful shimmering diamond necklace; she looked radiant, regal, rich, extremely classy and terribly intimidating for her youthful guest.

Tali, although having tried to dress up for the occasion looked common; her cheap hold up stockings, short black skirt and grey top left her feeling inadequate and exposed in such lavish surroundings and exclusive, noble company.

Maria shook her hand confidently, disguising well, the butterflies that were flitting and fluttering wildly in her stomach; she invited her guest into her private rooms and asked her to be seated in a large comfy, white leather chair opposite her own.

Maria noted her guest’s beautiful blonde hair, slim elegant figure and piercing angelic blue eyes and realised but for the clothes, amazingly as she had previously thought, it was like looking at a perfect reflection of herself!

Tali was relieved that the princess’s quarters were modern and tasteful as she felt uncomfortable in the sumptuous, historic hallways; she settled back into her supple leather chair to listen to what her elegant, regal hostess had to say.

There was silence for a moment then Maria spoke purposefully though somewhat disingenuously.

“I have asked you here…to discuss with you… assisting me in creating a charity for the underprivileged.”

Tali listened wide-eyed with amazement as the princess blustered and continued onward, hardly stopping for breath.

“You are a porn star are you not?”


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