Surrogate Situation – Interracial Humiliation – Tiggy Mills

A twisted story of interracial humiliation, procreation, reproduction and secret desires…
Justin and Minnie are doing well; they are both working, young, happily married and contented until Justin’s chance encounter with former college roommate; the black, dissolute Levi. He mistakenly invites, Levi for dinner where unfortunately, but fatefully, it transpires that he has certain reproductive abilities that the couple soon need.
In spite of her feelings of revulsion towards him, Minnie is eventually persuaded to succumb to an unusual regime and plan for procreation… interracial procreation.
A simple enough story but, in the hands of Tiggy Mills nothing is ever quite as it seems, as she takes us down a dark, tortuous sexual path for our suffering hero that leads him from one torment or humiliation to another in his search for salvation and seemingly unreachable happiness.
A dazzling, thoughtful, fascinating, erotic tale that explains, in the search for the creation of life, not unexpectedly, things are often not quite as straight forward as they may initially appear!

interracial humiliation


I could tell by the look on Minnie’s face that she was not happy with me; I had run into my old room mate in the mall and stupidly asked him to join us for dinner.

Levi and I had shared an apartment at College a few years back and I was so surprised at seeing him again that before I realised I had courteously asked him to share a meal with us ignoring what a Bum he was and forgetting naturally, how much my wife Minnie actually hated and detested him.

In all truth, Levi was fun and gregarious but, as a Jock, as we all were in those halcyon days, he was something of a self absorbed Scumbag who used to spend his time drinking and chasing after young women.

Well we all did but I was always better looking that he was, far cleverer and finding girls to go out with me had never been much of a problem.

My partner, Minnie was indeed quite a catch and I found her in the last year of study; she was slim, dark haired and incredibly pretty but she always got offended that, even though she was going out with me, my old room mate would always hit on her, as if he ever had a chance!

He didn’t of course, my wife never liked him; he was smaller that both of us, not particularly well built or much of a conversationalist, even boring dare I say, oh and he was black as coal and Minnie didn’t do black men, never had!

She did not like or get on particularly well with African American men at all!

I suppose part of my reason for inviting him was perhaps subconsciously I just wanted to show Levi what a winner I had proved to be; I was a trainee, insurance salesman and my partner was doing temporary, local, office work whilst we waited for me to impregnate her and make our first child.

We both wanted children so badly, especially Minnie, who came from a huge family herself and wanted that mass of babies around her; it was what she had always longer for and dreamed of.

Our home was a cramped but brightly painted two bedroom rented apartment, we were making the bills and I reckoned that was pretty good at our tender age of 22 for me and 21 for Minnie, to be so independent and self-determined.

However tonight she was irate, even incensed and spoke to me with noticeable acidity or vitriol in her tone.

“How dare you invite him here…the guy’s a Reprobate…don’t you remember…?”

I stared at her inanely and blankly – my glasses, staring into the recent past tended to be rose tinted – as she made me recall things I would much rather have forgotten.

“…He used to fuck all your girlfriends…in the room beside yours…you used to tell me about it …and cry…!”

I waved her excuses away with a flash of my wrist; we had just been younger then, even kids, at the time.

“…he always tried to get in my knickers, Justin as well…he’s a Bum and a Chancer and you asked him to my home…?”

She shook her head in exasperation at my foolish, bizarre actions.

“…What is wrong with you?”


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